Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekend Recap

Well this weekend surely was a busy one. Friday was just a typical day in the office. We got pretty much caught up on all that we could do and I left early to start on my projects at home. I had to get some cleaning done and do my grocery shopping. Most of this got accomplished. I had to finish some of my cleaning on Saturday. Maggie came over after her dinner date to hang out. We watched some TV and talked. Maggie is a great friend and we when go our separate ways after graduation, I am going to miss all our sleepovers. Granted, she has claimed a bedroom in Chris and I's house, so I anticipate that she will come to visit. I also showed off a new shirt that I got for my engagement photos coming up next week.

Saturday morning we got up pretty early. We left the house by 7 am. We wanted to get in a good walk before things got busy. We went to Rockbridge. We had been having some great weather and it was a nice, crisp fall morning and perfect for a nature walk. Rockbridge was so pretty. Maggie took a few pictures while we were out.

We headed back to the house after the nice walk and made breakfast. Maggie is obsessed with homemade gravy, so I made her sausage and biscuits and gravy. It might not have been so healthy, but we didn't care much. I then spent some time picking up the rest of the house. Maggie got cleaned up and ready to head out. She was meeting another friend to pick up things for my bridal shower. They came back and brought lunch. Molly, my Mary Kay lady, arrived around noon. She wanted to come up one more time for makeovers before I left Columbia. Seven of us got makeovers and it was just a great time. After makeovers, Maggie and ventured out on the town. We were out looking for outfits for my photos and she had to buy a new bathing suit for her spring break trip to Mexico. We had dinner, then went out for ice cream (there is a new ice cream place that serves 70 calorie ice cream). Then it was a little TV time and then bed time.

Maggie left early Sunday. I was left to do some homework and enjoy the day. The weather was amazing! It was upper 70s and sunny. I had the windows open all day. The day went pretty well and I felt productive. I had a little hangup with people who continue to anger me. But I took the anger and worked through it. I ran 1 mile and then did a Jillian Michaels workout. I felt so good after that and I'm trying not to worry about other people.

Today was back to work and school and then home for workouts! 4 days til spring break!

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