Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day 2: Something you want to do before you

There are many, many things that fall into this category, so I will list more than one, not caring if I am cheating.

Let's start with the obvious:

~ Graduate law school (this should be checked off the list May 15)
~ Pass the bar exam (taking the exam in July and should have results late August/early September)
~ Get married to Christopher (this is set to take place on September 24)
~ Have children (Chris and I want 2 but not for about 5 years - we have also talked about possibly adopting a child, even if we are able to have children on our own)
~ Attend church regularly and raise our family in church (Chris and I will start on this in August)  

Now, for the not so obvious

~ Participate in Habitat for Humanity. My mom and I have talked about this for years, but the summers when I am home always seem to fly with with busyness. It is something that find to be very important and hope to be a regular on the habitat front.

~ Argue a case at the appellate level (I know I won't make it to the US Supreme Court, so we are shooting for like the Missouri Court of Appeals or Missouri Supreme Court)

~ Sky diving (I would love to go, just not sure who I would go with - Chris wouldn't get into a plane to fly to a honeymoon destination, I highly doubt he will be willing to get in a plane just to jump out of it)

~ Build our own house (I love our little farm house now, but I know that Chris and I will both want something bigger when we have little kiddos - and building is so the way to go and get everything that you want)

~ Travel outside the United States (not sure who I will travel with, but hey, a girl can dream right)

~ Go deep sea diving

~ Raise an entire litter of puppies

~ Opening a wedding planning business on the side

~ Take a hot air balloon ride

I have many more hopes and dream for the future and things we want to get accomplished before I die. But this should at least give you a good sense of what it is that I am about.

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  1. Appellate work. You're a better woman than I :)