Friday, March 23, 2012


To say that I have been neglecting my blog would be an understatement. Things have been tremendously busy in the Upton house. But now, finally having a chance to catch my breath (I say that as if it didn't take 3 days to completely type this), I feel I should update you. So what’s been going on ……

~ Many family medical problems but God has been good to us

• Chris’s aunt Laura has been battling gall stones for months now. She had her fourth surgery this morning and they have finally removed the stones. Next step is to remove her gall bladder

• This week Chris’s paternal grandfather was involved in a car accident with a semi truck. Luckily the truck hit the passenger side of Orville’s van and not going at a terribly high rate of speed. Orville needed some stitches in his head and some glue on his other cuts.

~ We purchased me a new car – Ford Edge. I absolutely love it. We have so much more room and can grow as a family in this car (and no, we aren’t having kids right now – a question I get asked daily). I have had the car less than a month and have already put 1500 miles on it from all my court travel.

~ We purchased a new motorcycle. We greatly enjoy riding motorcycles during the warm weather. Chris has been wanting a Harley Davidson for some time now and I consented to letting him get one this year. We found a great deal on a used Fatboy with low miles, so we made the purchase about a week ago. Every day it hasn’t rained or been extremely windy Chris has been on it. The weather this weekend is supposed to be nice so I imagine we will spend some time out of the road

~ My mom has two new puppies which are absolutely adorable. Meet Baxter and Samson.

These two black lab mix pups were found at the gate to the rock quarry Monday of this week. The vet guesses them at 12 weeks. They are a lot of fun. I wish we could have them at our house but Boots isn’t too accommodating to new dogs in the house. We are settled in our family of four and it will probably remain that way for a while. Though we joke if it wasn’t for Boots, we would take in any stay we found. I still say we have the cutest puppies though. These boys bring me joy daily.

~ Work has been tremendously busy for me. I have been gaining new clients almost daily and sometimes numerous clients in one day. My domestic secretary is so overwhelmed that I think we might have to hire a new secretary to help out, at least part time. I enjoy being busy though as I would be bored without my work. Today and most days, my desk looks like this.

~ With the warm weather, we have been working hard outside as we prepare for this year's cattle. Last weekend we completely tore town fencing and cleared brushed as we are building new fence (likely this weekend). It is exhausting work, but I enjoy spending the time with Chris. Plus our field and fence looks so much better. Side note, the best farm tool we have at the house is a Cat 966 front end load. It is so helpful, but we just cannot use it when the ground is soft.

~ We had family pictures taken in February. My mom had been wanting family pictures taken for some time. She contacted our wedding photographer David Coleman of D Coleman Photography. Luckily the weather cooperated and he captured some great pictures of the family around my parents place. Since he came to Pomona, Chris and I thought it would be a great time to have pictures taken with our pups. I won't fill the post with pictures, but will post 2. For more of our teasers, see here.

That is about it on major happenings. Life is busy but at a repetitive schedule. I hope to get better. I have recipes and craft projects to share. I am still finishing my office as it has been the catchall room in the house. I need to file paperwork and get to decorating. Hope that you all have a wonderful weekend.