Saturday, July 23, 2011


Yes, I know I am the worst blogger ever. I just don't really have anything to update you all on. I have been sitting at my house studying for at least 12 hours a day and its miserable. I take a few breaks every now and then, but for the most part, it has been sitting on my couch and floor reading, reciting and practicing on exams. But in just a few days, it will be all over. I head to Jefferson City on Monday evening. Everyone that I talked to said to not take a chance with my car or traffic or anything on the mornings of the bar, so I decided to get a hotel just 1/3 of a mile from my exam testing area for peace of mind. The exam is a total of 6 hours on Tuesday and Wednesday plus a lunch break. I am supposed to be done by 4:30 every day. Wednesday at 4:30 cannot come soon enough right now.

When I get out at 4:30, my mom should be getting into Columbia as well. She will be staying here for a couple of days to help me finish the packing and stuff. Chris will come up sometime on Friday with a trailer to load up and hopefully we can get on the road by lunch time on Saturday. It is crazy to me thinking about the fact that in a week from right now I will be moved back to Pomona permanently. Chris and I were talking yesterday that it just doesn't seem real. Neither one of us can fully comprehend me being home and not having to come back to Columbia. The past 6 years in Columbia have seriously flown by, but I am so happy that it is finally over and we can start our life.

My work calendar is marked with appointments already and getting started in my job sounds wonderful. As pathetic as that sounds. I love my job and I love being able to help people. And to be honest, this whole not working thing is not for me. I am going stir crazy being at the house all the time. My Rule 13 certification (being able to practice law under a licensed attorney) will last until the bar results (September 13) so I am able to start meeting with clients. SP will have to sign all the paperwork, but I am able to take up arguments and hearings myself as long as he is there. It is weird being excited about that too. I have the most adorable little briefcase that I cannot wait to carry. Chris bought it for me a few years back. I think I am going to have to expand my suit collection some. I have several, but I am hoping to get lots of courtroom experience, so I want more.

Besides work picking up, moving home will also cause wedding planning to pick up again. We are down to just over 2 months and I have several loose ends to tie up. Wedding invites are getting placed in the mail this coming Thursday (eeeek, its getting real in here). Being in the same town as my wedding will help a lot. Plus, I will have help from my bridesmaids and family on making projects. I am currently still trying to decide what to do as favors. I am having little activity books with crayons for the kiddos, but cannot make up my mind on the adult favors. I am not one to buy candles with our names on it or something, because who really wants that. They say food favors work the best, so I am thinking about how to do that. My original idea was to make mason jar cookie mixes, like this:

They have all the dry ingredients for a cookie mix in them and are supposed to have a card attached with the instructions for making the cookies. Thoughts? Would you all like this as a gift? Please honest opinions.

We are also in the middle of planning our girls weekend for my bachelorette party. We are going to spend a weekend in Branson. Not sure exactly what we will do yet, we are still brainstorming, but I am excited thinking about getting away with my girls for the weekend. Life has been super stressful and the thought of getting away sounds wonderful, which is why Chris and I are so excited about our honeymoon too. We have dealt with a long distance relationship for the past 6 years and we want to spend time together.

Ok, well I guess that is enough rambling for now and I better get back to the books. I was told by a few attorneys the other day to stop studying completely now because if I didn't know it already, I probably wouldn't learn it now. I just am not comfortable giving it up yet. The thought of failing and being set back in life for 6 months until the next exam is terrifying, not to mention that would be horribly embarrassing (sorry if anyone here has done that - just my honest opinion that I would be embarrassed).

Hope that this weekend is treating you all well! I likely won't check back in until Wednesday evening or Thursday morning.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Perfect Wedding Invites = Happy Bride

It doesn't take much to brighten my day these days for studying all day, but today was extra special. I am in love with my wedding invitations.

Here are a couple of photos:



Insert cards - please note all three cards have the same design at the bottom 

With envelope

Aren't they just wonderful?

Special credits:

Main invite:
Insert cards: created by my wonderful maid of honor Maggie
Card pockets, bands, envelopes:
Printing services: Color Tech of West Plains, MO

Monday, July 11, 2011

Checking In

Faithful readers. I hope that you know that I have not forgotten about you. There has just been a lot going on here. On top of my stress from the upcoming bar exam and packing, I have had to deal with a computer that is on the fritz, air conditioning that occasionally decides to stop working and today issues with my car which estimates to fix are over $700. Luckily Chris and I have some savings set back because I am no longer working. After a mini break down this morning, I feel better. Chris and my dad told me not to worry about anything but passing my bar exam and they will take care of the rest. I love the boys in my life!

In general, there is nothing major going on in life. I sit around and study most days, taking study breaks to pack. I have all my invitations addressed and am just waiting for the insert cards to be finished printing. In other wedding news, our honeymoon has been pushed back a week. It turns out the swearing in ceremony is set for the Monday after the wedding. Although it is not necessary to attend, I really want to be sworn in at the Supreme Court and many people want to see that too. So I talked to our honeymoon location and luckily that week was open. Now we will have a week at home and work as newlyweds before heading off. I am currently working on a surprise for Chris while we are away. Once I decide exactly how to do it, then you will be some of the first to know.

Other that, nothing really going on. Hope life is going well with you and I promise to be back in full force after August 1.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What I am Loving Wednesday

It has been a few weeks since I have participated in this, but today I needed a study break. I feel so blessed most days so taking the opportunity to list them is always good.

I am loving that progress is coming along on the invites. Here is a sneak preview. Once I get them all together I will post on them.

 I am loving that in just 24 days I will be moving back to Pomona permanently. I love this house and our 28 acres.

I am loving that our master bedroom is painted, the new furniture came in and is now set up in the house. I totally blanked on getting a picture of it. I will do it when I move back :)

I am loving that I was able to spend the 4th of July weekend at home. I was productive around the house and on wedding projects. Sunday was great at all our family functions. Didn't get any pictures in Mountain Home, but here are a couple from the Shannon (Chris's family) family reunion.

I am loving having the extra free time since I quit my Columbia job last week. Now I have extra time for studies, packing and wedding stuff. But I do feel weird not going to work. And of course I miss these people.

I am loving that my maid of honor Miss Maggie was able to get off the whole week before the wedding so she can come visit and stay with me. I have felt lost since she left Missouri in May and waiting another 2 1/2 months for her visit sucks. However, I will count my blessings that she will be here.

I am loving that I was able to spend time with my precious puppies over the weekend. I am very much looking forward to moving home and getting to hang out with my kiddos every day.

And most importantly, I am loving my wonderful fiancĂ© Christopher. Just 80 days until we get hitched and it cannot come soon enough. 

Monday, July 4, 2011

The pups

Well, I know that I haven't been around much. Studying for the bar exam takes up so much of my time. I have now quit my job in Columbia, so I may be able to update you all from time to time during the next few weeks.

I was asked a question in my comments last week, so Megan, here is the answer about our puppies.

First, there is Kit-Kat. She is our only dog that we have paid for. She is a registered Pit Bull. She was born January 1, 2006 and Chris bought her just a few months after that. Chris loves pit bulls and would love to have more, but it just hasn't happened again. Kit-Kat is Chris's baby and will always hold a special place in his heart. When she was just over a year, she became experiencing some terrible pain. She was just laying around and crying all day long. Chris took her to the vet. Turns out, she was pregnant - a pregnancy that would kill her. We made the decision to terminate her pregnancy and save her life. She has been Chris's baby ever since.

Next, there is Dozer, my baby. We aren't sure exactly what breed of dog he is as he was a a drop off.  We originally thought he was going to turn out to be a bigger dog than he was, but he just never grew. There is apparently a test that the vet can do to tell us his breed, but it is around $100 and to us not worth it. He is only 26 pounds of pure attitude. Last January, Chris and I were driving down our dirt road and found this little puppy crossing the road. We couldn't get him to come to us, but searched the woods for the little fellow. We found him about an hour later buried under a pile of leaves, probably trying to stay warm until he died. He was just three weeks old. Now, he is about 19 months old and full of life. We never know his exact birthday, but we celebrate it on January 25th. He is always on the go and wants to be with people all the time. He is very anxious for mommy to move back to Pomona!

Last, but surely not least, there is Boots (in our house known as Bootsie). Boots came to us last summer. He was our second drop off in 6 months. This time, we were standing outside watering our garden when a truck pulled up in front of our house and pushed the dog out the door and drove off. I never understood how people can do this, but at least Boots was left at a good house. We took him in and he is Chris's buddy. Although we aren't entirely sure on his breed, most people guess him to be a mix between a pit bull and a walker. Boots is just over a year as well. We celebrate his birthday on February 19. Boots is a hunter and wants to be on the move whenever he is outside. He has to be put on a chain when he goes out because he loves to chase cows, rabbits, horses and anything else that moves.

Our life is blessed because of the puppies in our life. They all get along great and play til they fall asleep. We cannot imagine life without these three!