Monday, July 11, 2011

Checking In

Faithful readers. I hope that you know that I have not forgotten about you. There has just been a lot going on here. On top of my stress from the upcoming bar exam and packing, I have had to deal with a computer that is on the fritz, air conditioning that occasionally decides to stop working and today issues with my car which estimates to fix are over $700. Luckily Chris and I have some savings set back because I am no longer working. After a mini break down this morning, I feel better. Chris and my dad told me not to worry about anything but passing my bar exam and they will take care of the rest. I love the boys in my life!

In general, there is nothing major going on in life. I sit around and study most days, taking study breaks to pack. I have all my invitations addressed and am just waiting for the insert cards to be finished printing. In other wedding news, our honeymoon has been pushed back a week. It turns out the swearing in ceremony is set for the Monday after the wedding. Although it is not necessary to attend, I really want to be sworn in at the Supreme Court and many people want to see that too. So I talked to our honeymoon location and luckily that week was open. Now we will have a week at home and work as newlyweds before heading off. I am currently working on a surprise for Chris while we are away. Once I decide exactly how to do it, then you will be some of the first to know.

Other that, nothing really going on. Hope life is going well with you and I promise to be back in full force after August 1.

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