Monday, July 4, 2011

The pups

Well, I know that I haven't been around much. Studying for the bar exam takes up so much of my time. I have now quit my job in Columbia, so I may be able to update you all from time to time during the next few weeks.

I was asked a question in my comments last week, so Megan, here is the answer about our puppies.

First, there is Kit-Kat. She is our only dog that we have paid for. She is a registered Pit Bull. She was born January 1, 2006 and Chris bought her just a few months after that. Chris loves pit bulls and would love to have more, but it just hasn't happened again. Kit-Kat is Chris's baby and will always hold a special place in his heart. When she was just over a year, she became experiencing some terrible pain. She was just laying around and crying all day long. Chris took her to the vet. Turns out, she was pregnant - a pregnancy that would kill her. We made the decision to terminate her pregnancy and save her life. She has been Chris's baby ever since.

Next, there is Dozer, my baby. We aren't sure exactly what breed of dog he is as he was a a drop off.  We originally thought he was going to turn out to be a bigger dog than he was, but he just never grew. There is apparently a test that the vet can do to tell us his breed, but it is around $100 and to us not worth it. He is only 26 pounds of pure attitude. Last January, Chris and I were driving down our dirt road and found this little puppy crossing the road. We couldn't get him to come to us, but searched the woods for the little fellow. We found him about an hour later buried under a pile of leaves, probably trying to stay warm until he died. He was just three weeks old. Now, he is about 19 months old and full of life. We never know his exact birthday, but we celebrate it on January 25th. He is always on the go and wants to be with people all the time. He is very anxious for mommy to move back to Pomona!

Last, but surely not least, there is Boots (in our house known as Bootsie). Boots came to us last summer. He was our second drop off in 6 months. This time, we were standing outside watering our garden when a truck pulled up in front of our house and pushed the dog out the door and drove off. I never understood how people can do this, but at least Boots was left at a good house. We took him in and he is Chris's buddy. Although we aren't entirely sure on his breed, most people guess him to be a mix between a pit bull and a walker. Boots is just over a year as well. We celebrate his birthday on February 19. Boots is a hunter and wants to be on the move whenever he is outside. He has to be put on a chain when he goes out because he loves to chase cows, rabbits, horses and anything else that moves.

Our life is blessed because of the puppies in our life. They all get along great and play til they fall asleep. We cannot imagine life without these three!

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  1. This is absolutely adorable. You guys get dogs dropped off where you live, we get cats! Or they just seem to find us. I'm so glad you two have the hearts that you do!!