Monday, March 7, 2011

Wedding Projects

This weekend was pretty productive for the wedding. I spent the day Saturday catching up on school work and working on outlines so as to be ready to do nothing school related on Sunday. My maid of honor and close friend Maggie crashed at my house on Saturday night. We got up early on Sunday to work out and then we made biscuits and gravy (yes, then not much benefit to the workout). We then got ready. My other close friend up here Sara met us at 11. We had a quick lunch and then headed to Kohls to do one of my registries. It was quite fun. A couple of things I didn't get to, but such is life. I officially have a registry at Wal-Mart (for our locals who won't shop out of town) and Kohls. I will also be adding one to Time and Talent (a local store with tons of stuff for the house that I love) Just haven't done that yet.

After running to Michaels for them to look at stuff for a shower, we headed back to my house. We finished getting all the parts together for my cry packs. For those of you who don't know what that it, it is a little tissue pack for the wedding. There are different sayings that people put on them. They are totally adorable and I love them and especially love the fact that I made them all by myself. Here are a couple pictures of them. Mind you this is the rough draft (has two stickers on the front and the back sticker isn't centered)



I love them. We made a few yesterday afternoon too. There are 46 made with 154 left to go. I try to make a few every night while I am watching tv and stuff. I hope to have them all done before graduation.

I have also been looking at cake toppers and unity candle sets. All of this wedding stuff is way more fun than school work. This afternoon after class, I will be going shopping with my boss for outfits for out engagement pictures. And then on Saturday I am heading to Springfield to pick up my dress and I can barely sit still, yet alone concentrate on reading.

Hope you all are having a great Monday. I'll be back later to do my blog challenge post.


  1. I didn't get a unity candle until the night before the wedding! I ended up buying a pillar, designing something on photoshop, printing it on vellum and sticking it on the candle. I LOVE that it's customized, and if we ever burn it again, I can just print a new sheet off for a new candle :) mwhaha

  2. I have a feeling that reading your blog is going to help me with my wedding plans!! You are so creative! :)