Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 1: Let's Get this Thing Started

So in case you missed it yesterday, I am participating in a 30 Day Blog Challenge, and it starts today.

Day 1: Introduce, recent picture of yourself, 15 interesting facts

Here I am: Lynsie Rochelle Gabel

So onto the 15 facts. 

1. I am in my law semester of law school - Graduation is May 15th and it cannot come fast enough. 

2. I have been dating my high school sweetheart since October 18, 2003. We are finally getting married on September 24, 2011. 

3. I have three adorable furbabies: Kit-Kat our four year old pit bull, Dozer our 1 year old little mutt, and Boots our 1 year old walker/pitbull mix. These puppies are the highlight of my life! Cannot wait until I get to see them everyday again. 

4. Once I pass the bar exam, I will be working for the Law Office of Steven Privette, a small firm in Willow Springs, Missouri. I have been working at this office since Spring 2006. I will be one of two attorneys with 5 secretaries. I love my job and am happy to say that I don't dread going to work in the mornings. 

5. Chris and I have a little farm house set on 28.5 acres. It is our little piece of heaven!

6. I just got a new engagement/wedding ring combo that I love!!! I left it at my parents house and think I am already having withdrawals. Cannot wait to wear it every day. 

7. I just got a small hair trim on Friday (just about an inch) and I am itching to cut off more. But I can't. I'm trying to grow my hair out for the wedding and then I'll chop it all off again and donate it to locks of love. 

8. I'm really annoyed when people continue to ask me when Chris and I are going to have kids. We want to enjoy life as a married couple and want to be at a place financially to give our children everything. We are looking at 5 years. I'm sorry you think we should have kids now, get over it. 

9. I had a minor panic attack today when my reception venue emailed me to tell me that they lost my folder when I asked a question. I had to anxiously wait 5 hours for someone to tell me for sure that my wedding date was still saved. 

10. When I am home, Chris and I eat dinner every night at the kitchen table. It has been a good habit for us to have and it is nice to just sit and talk about our days without the distraction of TV. 

11. I have just a few really close friends. I don't trust easily so if I have let you into my life, you should feel special. But for those of you who have beat that barrier, I appreciate your friendship more than you will ever know and I hope that you know I will be there for you til the end, no matter what. 

12. I have just started an intense workout routine (every day to every other day of pretty intense workouts). The wedding is in less than 7 months and I have to look good in that dress. 

13. Chris and I are looking to have a pretty non-traditional honeymoon. We aren't really beachy type people and Chris refuses to get on an airplane. We are looking to reserve a secluded cabin in the Smokey Mountains and do outdoor activities like hiking, zip-lining and shopping. And if I can convince Chris to go to Dollywood one day, I will be a happy lady. 

14. I have to read a book for myself every night. I read so much for school and work, reading a book that is just for me every night is a great way to let my mind un-wind.

15. I consider myself slightly OCD. Everything in my life has to be symmetrical, pictures on the walls, Chris's tattoos, just everything. I am also a control freak. I have everything planned out and hate when things don't go the way they are supposed to. 

That is about it for tonight! See you all tomorrow!

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