Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 13: Something that means a lot to you

Just got into town a little over an hour ago. Before I got too stuck in the homework piled up for me to do, I thought I would post for today.

There are a lot of things important to me. I'll just list a few since I don't have times to look up pictures for it all.

1. Although not a physical possession - my friends and family

2. My engagement ring and wedding set

3. My fake rose from Christopher with the tag reading "Like my love for you, the flower will never die"

4. The creamer from my grandparent's cafe

5. My ring made with diamonds from my grandmother's wedding ring - which is currently missing :(

There are many most things that mean a lot to me, but I need to get back to the school work, so these five are all you get. I'll try to post on the weekend later.

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