Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day 12: Something you don't leave the house without

It is hard to believe that is is already March 12th. Well today is a very important day. Today is the day that I head to Springfield to pick up my wedding dress. The last time that I came to town to do this, mother nature decided to drop 4 inches of snow discouraging the trip. Looks like we are all good for this weekend. Today is supposed to be in the 60s. Sounds like a perfect day to hang out with my mom and girls during the day and grill steaks out tonight.

Anyway, onto the blog (since really I need to be getting ready). Something that I don't leave the house without.

Definitely, my cell phone. This baby holds my whole life in it: emails, schedules, numbers, facebook, weather, games, etc. It is such an important part of me. It is usually not more than 5 feet from me at all times. Its weird how I have become so dependent on something like this. And it will get worse when I become an attorney and get my legal calendar put in there too.

Other things that I don't leave the house without depends on where I am going.

For work, I never leave the house without my purse, juice, water and a coat. It gets so cold in there.

For school, I always have my computer, my physical planner, books, water and a backpack full of food.

That's about it for this morning folks, I am off to get ready to start this beautiful day!!!

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