Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Career Development

So yesterday, I received this email from the career development office noting that I had not been in for assistance and asking if I needed help finding a job. Ok, first I am thinking that this is very nice of them. I didn't need help, but it was nice for them to check in on me. Then I got to thinking about it. Graduation is in less than two months. Shouldn't you be checking on people before then. The people who are going to huge firms in St. Louis and Kansas City have had jobs lined up since last summer and fall.

Granted I am one of the lucky few who always knew where I was going. I started job shadowing Steve when I was in high school. On my college letter of recommendation, he wrote that he was probably biased on his opinion of me because he was anxious for me to graduate and come back home to practice with him. I knew early on that I wanted to come home.

Career development's response: That is awesome.

Really? Ok, thanks for the help!

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