Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day 20: Picture that always makes you smile

Well, before I got too busy today, I thought I might as well post for the day. The morning is beautiful and I am about to go take me a run!

Today's post is supposed to be a picture that always makes me smile. This picture is one of my favorites of Chris and I. I remember the day so well and it was a perfect birthday!

The day was April 30, 2005. Chris picked me up for my birthday. We were supposed to go out to lunch. But he claimed that he had to run an "errand" for his dad to help him move something. So, we are out driving on some dirt road and he finally parks. His dad's car is the only car in sight and there is no house. We get out of the car and walk through a field. There was a deck overlooking a lake with a picnic set up. Chris had made me my favorite meal and cake. His dad took a few pictures for us and then left. We spent a couple of hours out there eating and just talking and enjoying the day. It was perfect and a day I will remember.

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