Monday, March 1, 2010

The Rest of the Weekend

Life's craziness never ends. Although I had planned on Sunday being a low key day, it ended up busier than expected. I had the typical laundry and house cleaning to do on the weekend.

I had lunch with my friend Sara at Steak and Shake. We then left Columbia for Fayette to see a play. One of the attorneys at my Columbia firm was in a performance of Doubt. It was awesome. I had not seen the movie, but Sunday's production was amazing. Steve (the attorney) was wonderful in his role. I always knew he loved acting but never had the opportunity to see it. I am so glad that we took the drive to Fayette to see it. I have uploaded a picture of Sara and I just before the play started. I wanted to take some of the performance, but pictures were expressly prohibited during the performance. Then afterwards when I hoped to get one with Steve, it was craziness in the actor greeting period. So, one picture of the day was all I got.

Once we got back into Columbia, Sara and I stopped at my favorite antique store, Midway. I have always been able to find something at that store. Actually, I can usually find something at all antique stores. I have been really excited about the house and love buying things for us.

I got one thing for our main floor bath. I plan to do that in Americana. The bath is attached to the kitchen which will be done in red and white and I wanted the bath to pull in some of the colors from the kitchen so there was at least some flow to the house. I felt that it would look weird if we had a red and white gingham county kitchen and used pink flowers in the bath. And Americana will stay true to my country roots. Then I fell in love with this little red bench and the three pillows sitting on it. Although I am unsure what I will do with them, I could not leave them there since they were in red and white gingham. I'm sure I will figure out something. Chris's mother and aunt are also lovers of antiques and I'm sure will offer advice on decorating if I ask. Here is a picture of what I got. All this for $35 makes it even better.

I look forward to continuing to find things for the house and hopefully by the time that I move into the house next year, it will be just how I want it.

The Bachelor is on and I am hoping that all the spoliers are not correct. I will be shopping for countertop designs during the show. Hopefully we are also getting new cabinets too.

Have a wonderful week!


  1. Love your goodies from the antique store! I really like the pillows! :)

    And I really hope the spoilers are wrong!

  2. Aw I'm so disappointed that I wasn't there to go antique shopping! :(