Wednesday, March 17, 2010

House Update

This week so far has gone by relatively fast. It is hard to believe that Wednesday is almost over. I'm anxious for the weekend. But I have tomorrow to get through first. We have a bonus class for Tax, so I will have five classes tomorrow, starting at 8 and ending at 6. LONG DAY.

Updates for this week. We have located a place out of Springfield that is a warehouse for cabinets (bathroom and kitchen). They seem to be better quality than the original ones we were going to get and hopefully they will offer us a better price. We can still get oak. We can even get a raised panel and they are also arched on the upper cabinets. We ordered a sample door. It arrived yesterday in Willow. Chris even liked it. That is progress in itself. He hasn't had much of an opinion about the house all along. Since I wansn't there to see if, my mom emailed me this picture. I had her put it next to her cabinets so I could see the color. It is beautful.

I hope that the price from here is more in our price range. We shall see. I also got a new faucet from this place as well. I spent at least an hour at Home Depot looking for a kitchen faucet but at a reasonable price. We didn't want to spend a lot of money on a faucet since it wasn't a permenant home and I don't need my dream kitchen now. So, at the time, I settled on a cheaper faucet, since all the faucets with high necks were EXPENSIVE. This website had one for $37.00. I was pumped so I bought it.

It is probably really sad how excited I get about a kitchen faucet. I just love shopping for things for our house. I can't wait for it to be done.

The electrical work is all done inside the house. The remaining work has to be done in the well house and the shop. However, we re waiting on that for a little bit until we can get the shop closed in and the well house door fixed. Right now, there is no need to re-wire those buildings and then have someone else steal it again.

We are waiting for our final quote from our contractor. He should be ready to start next week if we can get a price worked out. It is a very exciting time. There should be lots of work going on while I am home on break.

I promise that there will be pictures of the house (before and afters) from over break.

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  1. I'm excited for more pictures! I like the cabinets a lot...and that faucet, very nice for the money! I may need that website, we could use some new faucets! Keep shopping!