Monday, March 29, 2010

Busy and Productive Weekend

This weekend started my Spring Break. I was so anxious for it to come.

I got up Friday morning around 4:30 (not by choice, just couldn't sleep) and left Columbia before 6:00 a.m. It was nice through since there wasn't a whole lot of traffic on the road. I arrived in Howell County around 9:00. Chris had taken the day off and was working on the house when I got there. He was sanding down our wood paneling getting ready for painting over the weekend.

My mother and I headed to Gainesville. Her uncle is selling his house and moving to West Plains. He will be downsizing a lot, so he wanted us to come look at his things. It was a very successful trip. I got tons of stuff for my house. The best part though was the picture that his wife hand painted before she passed away. I love home items with a family history.

When we got back in town, we stopped by Sears and Brown's Furniture looking for a new stove. That is the only major appliance that we have remaining to get. We then headed back to the house. We started removing wall paper in the kitchen. The top layer came right off with no problem. Underneath it thouugh was HORRIBLE pineapple wallpaper. Who picked that was crazy!!! We also got things picked up and ready for Saturday.

Friday night was also date night with Christopher. However, date night was ruined when his cousin called and asked us to hang out. Matt is still over the road and doesn't come in very much so we felt bad not meeting him. We went to play pool with him and his wife. I crashed early as you might expect.

I got up early with my puppy. He just doesn't sleep in well. We had a few people spot by the house on Saturday. It happens all the time. People are always stopping by. We finished getting ready for paint and got primer put on the walls in the family room. While that dried, we finished removing all of the cabinets from the kitchen. We got stopped early Saturday due to the storm. We currently have limited lighting in the house right now, so when the natural light completely goes away to leave us with black clouds, you cannot do much.

We headed to the house and I fixed dinner of fried pork chops, mashed potatoes and gravy, greene beans, corn and bread. It was so unhealthy but so yummy. We then watched a movie as a family. (Yes, we are that cheesy). We watched The Blind Side. Great movie!!!

Chris and I got up early to get a head start on everything for the day. We started right in in trimming off the room with paint. It was so time comsuming since we have so many windows, doors, floor trim and ceiling trim. Rolling only took about 40 minutes and we were done with coat one before lunch. It was cloudy, windy and chilly out and the paint took a while to dry. We only got the one coat on since we couldn't work real late in thr night.

After a lunch a piggies in a blanket, we got started on the wall paper. Parts of it came off real easy, but other parts are stuck the the wall like you wouldn't believe. Even the solution we bought couldn't unstick the glue. We have now got some more trips we got off the internet, so we will be trying that tonight. I'm anxious for things to get moving faster than they are. I have an empty kitchen, well except for a broken stove, a fridge and stubburn wall paper.

~This Week~
I am working at the Law Office of Steven Privette this week. I LOVE this job. I hope to get in some court viewing this week too. In the evenings I will be working on the house. I'll post some pictures later this week once the second coat of paint it on the family room and we get rid of all of the wall paper.

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  1. WOW! Very productive weekend! Can't wait for pictures!