Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday

I have decided to start taking part in Top 2 Tuesday. This week is Top 2 Names. Since Chris and I have been together for over 6 six years, we have had many discussions about children names. Chris and I are still a few years away form having kids, but we both know we want some little ones, besides our dog "children"

My mother has put a lot of pressure on us to give her a grand daughter. The grandchildren that she has from her own kids are all boys. My brother Chris has four and my sister has two. My mom does have step granddaughter, but none real close to her. Since I will be living right up the road, she has decided Chris and I need to have a little girl. I also think that Chris needs a little boy. He wants someone to share his love of outside work and cars. Chris wants a little boy first to protect a little girl. I argue that if our daughter turns out anything like me, she won't need the protection of her older brother. I guess we shall see, only time will tell.

Now, on to the names.

GIRL: McKenzie Elizabeth. I know that it is two really long names, but I have been in love with this name for years, I even think before Chris was in my life. Lucky for me, he seemed to like it when I presented it to him. Granted, he probably couldn't tell you this name if you asked him, but I can guarantee you that if we have a little girl, this will be her name.

BOY: We aren't nailed down to a boy name yet, but we definately want to pass on part of Chris's name. We don't want a junior, but using Christopher or Lee as a middle name is a must. My favorite has been Hayden Lee.


  1. Love the name Hayden. Love love love. And I think it sounds super cute with either Christopher OR Lee :) And the girl name is pretty darn precious :) You're so cute. :) I can't wait to read your blog every Tuesday!

  2. Nothing wrong with long names. Elizabeth is the middle name that we have picked out too so we will have a little girl with a 25 letter name!!!