Thursday, March 11, 2010

Kitchen Plans

I am so excited. I just received an email with the drawing of my new kitchen cabinets and I am in LOVE!!!

This is currently what the kitchen looks like.

See, it looks old and dated. It is so dark in there and I hate it. We originally thought we might just get anew countertop and refinish the cabinets. Then I realized how much work that was. Since Chris and I are going to be here for a few years, we thought that it might be well worth the investment for new kitchen cabinets. We have been talking to Melynni at Ozark Mountain Woodsmith. She has been working on our project for over a week. She sent me an email with the drawing of my new kitchen. Granting it is only in black and white, but I can see that it already looks better. Here is is:
Amazing huh? It will be done in oak. Chris and I both love oak and have decided on a medium shade of oak. I just hope that her price quote is something we can afford. I just told my mother that she maybe should have sent me a price before a picture so I didn't fall in love with something that I cannot have.

Keeping my fingers crossed while I anxiously await the bid.

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