Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New Kitchen Plans and House Update

We got a new quote on kitchen cabinets. This time one that we like. From this place in Springfield, we will be getting better quality cabinets and fancier doors than the previous quote and most importantly cheaper. This is the newest drawing we received.

Things are moving along finally and I am so excited. Out contractor is starting on the house Friday. He plans to be done within 3 weeks. Chris should hopefully be moved in by April 15th. YAH!!!! He will be handling all of the major projects and I hope to get all of the minor cosmetic changes done during next week (well the ones that we are planning on doing til the summer)

Chris will be working on closing in the shop so we can have a garage. We have decided that we can save money with Chris doing that. He did used to build houses before. He should be able to handle everything, except actually hanging the garage doors.

I'm excited to see big changes at the farm over the next few weeks. :)


  1. Love the cabinets. Sounds like they were meant to be as well! :-)!

  2. That's so exciting! I'm glad I was there when you found out! :) Take lots and lots of before and after pictures next week!