Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ready for the Weekend

I will be so happy for this week to be over. I feel so run down already and it is only Thursday.

This week has been extra busy by throwing in some extra studying for the MPRE. Luckily, that will be over on Saturday. Right now, I just feel like I have no free time. I haven't spent as much time this week talking to Chris or the rest of my family because when I get home, all I do is continue to study. My typical week has breaks built into my schedule where I try to get my reading done during class. Then when I get a spare few minutes, I shop for things for my new house with Chris.

This week's challenge has been cabinets. I have been communicating all week with Melynni at Ozark Mountain Woodsmith to get a price on cabinets. I am so excited. But it is also hard for me, when she asks me a quick measurement on something. I am totally unable to get it, since my house is currently 200 miles away from school where I am now. Then I have to get Chris or my mom to go get what she needs. I think that we have everything straightened out and we are waiting now for our final quote.

The Home Show is this week at home. I really wish that I was going to be in town this weekend so that I could attend. However, my career responsibilities have me tied up here. I doubt I can get Chris to go to the home show to look around. He doesn't really care about inside the house. He says that is all for me. He loves the land and the shop. And with the weather predicting to be nice this weekend, I can almost bet that he will be out cutting brush or working in the shop. I love his dedication to the place and what he is doing needs to be done, so I guess that I won't complain too much if he doesn't go to the home show for me. I will be home in about a week and should be able to look at samples then. I'll be picking the door fronts and countertop color. I am so excited. I'll be more excited when it is all done.

This weekend, I will be going on another antique shopping adventure. I have a couple friends from work who want to go and after the week that I have had, I need to go. I love picking things for my house and shopping has always been a stress reliever for me, even when I don't buy anything. I will be going to one new store on Saturday so hopefully it will have great rewards.

It is about time for bankruptcy class, so I better head that direction. Hopefully, I'm not on call today.

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  1. I want to go to the home show, but I doubt we make it. Kody doesn't care much about the inside, which I am glad. I totally do my own thing!! He loves our land & his shop too, I said he could decorate however he wanted in there :)! The inside of our house reflects me though! It's fun to pick out new stuff, but can get overwhelming! You guys will do great--can't wait to see after pictures! Good luck with your test!!