Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring Break Starts Now

After making it through my four classes today, it is finally my Spring Break. My employment professor has been gracious to cancel class for tomorrow, allowing me to get on the road sooner. I am so ready for the break from class, but more importantly, I am ready for the time to work on the house.

Upcoming projects for the week:

1. Family Room

Currently this room is UGLY!!! It has dark, old wood paneling. We have opted to save time and money by just painting it instead of removing it to put up sheet rock. It is a huge room and it is a shame they made it so dark in there. This will probably be Chris's favorite room in the house. It is right off the kitchen and has a beautiful rock fireplace.

We are hoping with a fresh coat of paint, this room will be warm and cozy as any family room should. I'll just be glad to say goodbye to the ugly wood paneling. We are thinking of painting it a neutral tan/beige color to complement the colors in the fireplace. I'll bring in colors with other decorations.

2. Kitchen

Remember my old, dated kitchen?

It too was dark and ugly. Luckily for me, we are reviving this room to be a welcoming kitchen and one I will love. I love to cook (Chris loves to eat) and I needed a good kitchen. Chris got his dream of a big shop, so I get mine of a nice kitchen. We will be removing the cabinets, countertops, stove and hood. We think the fridge and dishwasher are still good. We will then get final measurements and order our cabinets, which should be in next week too :)

I will also be trying to remove the ugly wallpaper in here too. We would rather have paint. It will be easier to texture the walls with nothing in the room.

3. Shop

We are framing in the shop. It currently has five bays, but they are all open. We are making a garage for each of us and closing in the rest for Chris a shop. Sorry, but I don't have any pictures of shop front. I plan to take one this weekend before we get started on it so I will have a good before-after shot of it.

4. Misc.

I'm sure that while paint is drying or wallpaper remover solution is soaking that I will be roped into helping clean up outside. Chris is still working on some trees that are down, cutting it up for firewood and we have plently of wood to split.

5. Work

I love my job at home! I am always anxious to get back down there. I love my girls at work and I love what I do. This summer should be even more exciting when I am Rule 13 certified and can handle my own cases (with Steve's supervision, of course)

Sounds like a lot to do. Hopefully we can get it all done. We have been blessed with huge families that all love to help. There are usually people who show up every time we are working on the house. Free family labor is the best!

I got lucky today. Chris left work early due to the weather and went to start on a few projects. I know he started on the cabinets and after my mom got home, they were going to start sanding on the paneling. We shall see how far along they got once I get into town tomorrow.

I will try to blog as much a possible while I am home, but it just might not be as often. I will definately post before an after pictures of the rooms.


  1. Good luck with it all. I hope you get it ALL done. So you all are sanding down the paneling? You'll have to explain that in a later post. We have paneling in our basement and it's painted, which is ok, but eventually it would be nice to get rid of the panel look.

    Take lots of in between pictures, those are my favorite. Love your huge living room and fire place! Santa will have a great landing pad. ;)

  2. Keep my updated throughout the week via text :) I want to know everything! Also let me know when you get into town tomorrow. I hate saying this but I'll be up that early! :) Enjoy your break love! (I'm sure we'll talk sometime during the week!) Tell your family I said hi and cuddle Dozer a little extra for me :) Oh and Ginger too! And the other two as well! :)