Monday, March 15, 2010

Weekend Recap

My weekends home are always my favorite. I look forward to them weeks in advance (currently it is two weeks til my return home again). This weekend was an extra special weekend. I took a friend Maggie home with me. She grew up in a large town in Texas and had never seen the country life.

We first left Columbia around 11 Friday morning and headed straight for Howell County (stopping in Rolla to pick up Steak and Shake). We headed the the rock quarry to see my parents. I got Maggie to go on a ride on the front end loader with my brother. She was terrified. See.

But by the time they came back from loading a truck, Maggie was driving the thing. It is a very empowering experience to drive something so huge. That afternoon we went and look at some kitchen cabinets for my house and ran a few errands.

After dinner, Chris and I decided to take her to West Plains. We didn't do anything special, but just drove around, showing her the town. We turned in fairly early that night and went home to play with my puppy. Dozer was a joy to have to the weekend. My mother was glad I was there to take him over night since he wakes up at like 3-4 in the monring. I didn't mind. Plus he is adorable.

For Saturday, we didn't do anything too special either. We ran a few errands, had lunch with my grandmother, my sister and her two boys. After finishing what we needed to in town, we headed back to Pomona to work on my house. I warned Maggie prior to coming that she would probably meet a lot of my family and there was no telling who would show up. I was correct. My nephew from Houston came down and spent the afternoon/evening with us. Chris's cousin, Shay, was there to help work on the house and stayed for dinner. My mother's uncle was there too (he had been doing landscaping).

We didn't get a whole lot done on the house this weekend. Luckily for me, Chris has been working super hard outside on the house. He loves our little farm and really enjoys working on it. This is what our little house looks like.

The grass isn't quite this green right now and we have done some work outside trimming shrubs and brush. I will post more pictures of the house over spring break as we begin transforming more of the outside of the house.
After working on the house, we had a cookout for everyone there. I made steaks. YUM!!! Then we had homemade ice cream for dessert. Neither Maggie nor Shay had ever had it. I should have brought some of that home with me.

Sunday, we stayed around the house mostly. We had a big breakfast. We also met with our contractor to go over a few things on the house. I'm anxious for him to get started. About one week more for him. Later, we intruduced Maggie to her first cow. She had never seen one up close before. She also had her first opportunity to shot a gun. Amazing how she grew up in Texas and never shot one before. I brought down my pink (yes, pink) revolver. After just 4 shots, se hit the target. Maybe I'll be taking her pistol shopping in the next few weeks ;) We left town around 2:30 getting into Columbia around 5:30.

It was a great weekend. Hopefully we didn't scare Maggie off. She says she will come back over the summer and I hope that she does.

Today the electrician is starting on the house. We also have a backhoe operator there pulling stumps and making a drainage ditch by the shop. It makes me very excited for things to start moving on the house. Hopefully no one steals our new electricial work.


  1. I love the house! Very cute! :) Looks like a great farm house. Sounds like the city girl met the country. I have a friend from STL and she's amazed at "WP"! haha...She thinks it's real sad we don't have a Target. Your dinner sounds's time for me to eat soon! ;) Dozer is growing!

  2. I had so much fun this weekend! I can't wait to go back this summer (hopefully to more ice cream!) and see the house and how it's changed! I loved every experience I had this weekend (even trying to walk around a cow pasture) and I'm very glad I got the chance to meet your very large, but very sweet, family! :)