Friday, March 19, 2010

Happy Friday has Arrived

I felt bad this morning because that I cannot participate in the Show us Your Life this week. This week's topic was Mission Trips. I have never participated in one. I went on several trips with the church when I was younger and we performed mission work, but I had never been on a mission trip. And I might not ever get to go on one. When I move home, Chris and I plan on getting back in church, but with our careers, I doubt that we could go on a mission trip.

This week started off fast, then yesterday hit. It was such a long day. I hate makeup classes. They ruin my daily routine. I am completely a creature of habit and am not happy when my schedule doesn't go as planned. Boy am I glad that I am a 2L and am not also stressing with finishing my appellate brief. This time last year was way worse that it is right now. With the stress of yesterday, I ended up not being able to do my normal Thursday routine (dinner with Sara). Oh well, I had a productive evening at home getting things ready for the weekend. Now, I am just glad that it is Friday and that it is beautiful outside (at least for today)

This weekend, I am heading to visit Chris's mom. She had been asking for me to come visit for some time. She lives about an hour away from where I go to school. I try to go see her once or twice a semester, but so far this semester I hadn't been able to (stupid weather and then the MPRE). So I have decided to go see her now before Spring Break since I will be busy preparing for finals after Spring Break.

I have truely been blessed to have Chris's mom in my life. She is an inspirational woman and role model. She took me in from day one and made me feel part of the family. You hear jokes and horror stories all the time about crazy mother in laws, but I truely lucked out with Cheryl. I have thankful to have her friendship and support.

This is us for the Apple Festival (in Versailles) 2 years ago

Cheryl and all of her kids at Christmas

Chris will not be meeting me there this weekend. He will be working away on the house. Since the weather is supposed to be crappy, I think he might actaully work inside the house, getting things ready for me to paint next week.

During the weekend, I will also be able to hang out with my favorite 5 year old little boy (Chris's brother, Tyler). He is the sweetest little boy, but also has the temper of his older brothers. Luckily for me, he loves me and is never mean to me. I will arrive at their house to be greeted with Tyler running out to me. Gosh, I love that littl guy...

I'm not sure yet what is on the agenda for tomorrow, but I can guarantee that we will have a blast and I will be fed good home-cooked meals all weekend.

Hop you all have a wonderful weekend!!!

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  1. Have fun! I am also blessed with such a fun, loving mother-in-law...we're great friends :)!