Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Weekend Recap

First day back to work after a long weekend are always harder than Mondays. At least we can look on the bright side of having a short work week.

Friday I got off a little early. The boss man is pretty generous on long weekends. I had to head to the house to help my mother pick up things for our company. One of my best friends Maggie came to town this weekend for a visit. She appears to really enjoy her visits to Howell County. Maybe she is a country girl at heart.

Friday night was pretty low-key. We made homemade tacos. We took Maggie to feed to cows. She finally got to pet one.

She was also introduced to the cow that my dad named after her.

The rest of the evening we talked about my wedding planning and looked at a few things online. We planned out what we were going to do Saturday. We were all exhausted and hit the sack pretty early.

Saturday was a jammed packed day. We got up and had breakfast and spent a little time on the back porch in the beautiful weather. We then headed to town. We had several errands to tend to. We went to Hirsch, two banks, Radio Shack and Wal-Mart. We also tended to a little wedding business. Maggie has been helping me with designing/shopping for bridal party dresses. She has been a lot of help so far. I'm grateful to have such a fantastic maid of honor. We also went to a floral shop to get some ideas. We looked through some books. Luckily, Maggie and I agree on bouquet styles. We couldn't make any firm decisions though. We are still over a year out and won't be able to know what is available and at what price quite yet. But at least we have ideas.

We had a great lunch at Colton's. Another friend of mine was in town from Wyoming. I hadn't seen her since my junior year in high school (almost 7 years ago). It was so good to see her. We had a great visit and it was nice to walk down memory lane with her too. We are planning getting together again before she goes back to Wyoming. Hopefully next time we meet up won't be another 7 years.

After lunch we headed back to the house. We went 4-wheeling. I had to teach Maggie how to drive, but by the end of the weekend, she was doing pretty good.

Saturday night we had a barbeque. It was nothing fancy just hamburgers. We were all saving room for homemade chocolate cake and homemade ice cream. This is one of Maggie's favorite parts. We spent most of the evening outside just talking.

Sunday was a day of painting for us. Maggie loves to paint and I was glad to take advantage of that while she was here. We got the second coat of paint on the front living room. That room and hallway are about done. The only thing left is baseboards and crown molding. We had a dinner of left overs and then rented Dear John. That was a great movie. Of course I cried and of course Chris and his cousin made fun of me.

Saturday before Maggie left was pretty low key. Kit Kat was over at Chris's for a visit so we decided that it was time Dozer and Kit-Kat met, after all, they are siblings and will soon be living together. Dozer was a little scared at first, but after a little growling and sniffing, Dozer decided that she was okay. They even played together. Aren't the kiddos precious?

After Maggie left, Chris and I worked on the driveway. We are lining the driveway with landscape timbers before we put more rock on it. It is starting to look really nice. We didn't get it fully done. We had lots to do. We used dad's loaded around the house too. That sure makes the farm work a lot easier. Plus it was nice to work together outside. Things are moving along faster at the house now that we are both working. We had dinner with my parents then headed back to the house to do more work.

We might be getting another dog. There has been a little beagle hanging around for the past few days. Neither Chris nor I have been able to get close to him, but we are trying. He has been staying in the shed at the house. He's a smart puppy. He made camp in something with a roof and close to a good, clean water supply (the cattle waterer). We have put out food for the pup so we will just wait and see how that turns out.

That's about it for the weekend in Pomona. I hope that you all had a great weekend too!

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  1. The pups were adorable! Glad they finally met. Sounds like a great weekend with Maggie and Leslie! :) Glad you got to see her again! :)