Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Rest of the Weekend

After the productive Friday, the rest of the weekend was pretty low key.

Friday night, Chris and I went to visit his aunt and uncle. Chris and Doug had made some trade on tools. (who knows, boys are crazy). It was nice to just visit with family. Chris stayed outside most of the time talking to Doug. I stayed inside in the air conditioning visiting with Brenda. I shared with her all the things I done during that day. It was pretty late when we left and I was starving. We picked up Taco Bell on the way home to see our little puppy. He gets so upset when we leave him. He even cries when I take a shower in the mornings.

How could you not love this little guy?

Saturday, Dozer and I got were up bright and early. Sometimes I wish that little guy would sleep in some, but I guess he keeps me productive. We went over to get Chris up shortly thereafter. Chris and I picked up a few things around the house and start some laundry. We then dropped Dozer off at my moms and headed to town to take care of a few errands. We had a great morning and got lots done. Around lunch time I met up with my mom, grandma, sister and her two boys to eat at Quiznos. Chris doesn’t care about girl lunches so he went to Hirsch (figures).

I met back up with Chris later in the afternoon. He and my dad went out to fix some fence while my mother and I worked some more on wedding plans. It feels so good to be getting things done. I’m just glad that we can get some stuff done while I am home and it won’t be so stressful for me during my last year of law school and during the time I will be studying for the bar. We had dinner and then Chris and I had to go to Wal-Mart to buy some bolt cutters that the boys broke today.

Sunday was a pretty low key day as well. After lunch Chris and my dad went to look at a cattle trailer and corral. My dad has become obsessed with cattle. At least he had something else that he loves besides the rock quarry. It was hot and I stayed inside most of the day. I did some cleaning, laundry and my mom and I stained the doors on my pantry. Boy do they look better. The little things are coming along on the house. If only I could get Chris inside to work on some projects. He loves outside but there are things inside that I cannot do. This weekend, it is supposed to be really hot, so maybe I’ll convince him to stay in the air conditioning to help me out. We have tons of family coming in for the 4th and I know everyone will want to see the house. There are a few loose ends to tie up before its ready to be shown.

Well that is about it for our weekend. Nothing too exciting but spending it with the most important people in my life is what matters. Hope you all have a great week!!

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