Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Weekend Recap

Normally I post about our weekends on Monday, but yesterday was a crazy day. It was busy at work. I had tons to do, but luckily most of my desk is cleaned off now. Then after work yesterday, Chris and I were working outside at the house. We didn't even get to eat until after 8:00 p.m.

This past weekend was a very busy one for us. We got tons done but there is still so much to do before Friday.

This past Friday, I headed into town after work to watch my nephew Kolton play his last game of t-ball. I love watching t-ball games. The little kiddos are so adorable. Kolt still gets distracted and plays in the dirt most of the time, but boy does he love to hit and run the bases. Here are a few pictures from the night.

After the game, mom and I took dinner to our boys. After dinner Chris and I tended to our garden. I'm anxious for all the fresh veggies. We are a little behind everyone else since our garden got planted so late. But so far, our family has been sharing with us and I'm sure when we have extras after their gardens are done producing, we can share too. We don't have a huge garden, but we have way more than we could eat. But it could be worse, Chris's brother planted 750 tomatoe plants. CRAZY!!! We just relaxed after that.

Saturday morning, we got up early and headed to town to get some errands out of the way. It happens that at least once a week, we have to go to Hirsch. This is a farm supply store. I'm pretty certain that this is Chris's favorite place to go. We got a few things for the farm. We then headed to get Chris a new pistol. We are taking our conceal and carry class in a couple of weeks and he wanted a new pistol to take the class. We got him a Taurus Millennium 9mm. It is a great little gun and has good safety features for the little ones who are at our house how and for our future children. We grabbed some snacks and headed back to Pomona.

Chris then went to take my dad to get his truck. While the boys were gone, I headed back to town with my mother. We had lunch with my grandmother, sister and her two boys. Soon there will be one more little boy too. After lunch, we did a little shopping. I got a few pairs of jeans (which is a rarity) and a new wrap for my swim suit. We are going to the lake saturday and the river on Monday, so I figured now would be a great time to get a coverup. We also went grocery shopping.

Once we got back to Pomona, Chris and I worked some ont he driveway. We are staking it out for new rock. Chris got frustrated with the ties we had as they bowed in the barn in just a couple of weeks. We gave that up pretty quick. His temper and tools aren't a good combination. Instead we worked on cleaning out the shop. We are hoping start closing that in soon. We will be making Chris a 3-bay shop and will have a 2 bay garage. Currently we have been storing junk out there. We loaded up all the scraps and trash from working on the house and finally after ensuring no one we knew wanted them, got rid of the kitchen cabinets. Goodbye trash and terrible cabinets!!!

We had barbeque chicken for dinner and picked up some around the house getting ready for the upcoming weekend. Chris also fixed the vacuum which was wonderful. It had gotten clogged from all the construction mess around the house.

Sunday we were back at the house projects again. We finished getting ties in the drive. Chris is taking rock down there this week so we will have a great driveway before the weekend. It really helps having a dad with a rock quarry, a dump truck driving fiance and a front end loader sitting at the house to help do the finishing work. I'm anxious to see it done.

We also worked some in the house which was a nice change in the heat. We finished putting up trim and baseboards in the new kitchen. It looks very nice and fairly easy once we got started. The kitchen is done now. It is just time now to get decorations out. I have been collecting red and white gingham decorations for about 4 years now. Chris is going to hate helping me dig all that stuff back out. Here is the kitchen:


We had dinner with my parents: charcole cheeseburgers with fresh tomatoes (yum) and homemade fresh peach cobbler (even more yum). We got a small storm and rain Sunday after dinner. It was such a blessing. It wasn't near enough rain, but we will be happy with anything that we can get.

We still have plenty of cleaning to do this week to get ready for Friday. I'm anxious to see how many visitors our new house gets. Plus we are very excited to see all the family this weekend! Hope your weekend was great!

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