Friday, June 11, 2010

5 Question Friday

I am always so excited for Friday to be here. Today, I am more excited. I have the day off and will be going to a few wedding appointments. I thought I might try to sleep in a little this morning, but Dozer had different thoughts and woke me up at 5:15. So, I'm starting my blogging earlier today. Now, on to Five Question Friday sponsored by Five Crooked Halos.

1. What do you think makes a good friend, or friendship? Trust, loyalty, common interests, ability to have fun no matter what, ability to talk about anything

2. What is the last thing you bought & later regretted? I can't even remember. I am so tight with my money, I hardly ever buy anything that isn't necessary. Like today I have to go buy a t-post puller and barbed wire (what a life huh?)

3. Have you ever had a prank played on you? Yes, just the other day Chris did. Now, I will preface this story by reminding you that Chris works for my parents. It was Tuesday and I knew that Chris had several loads to be delivered at work (like 25 to be exact and that is more than one could do in a day). Well, he calls me about 11:30 a.m. to tell me that he was off work. I was shocked and asked why. He told me that he and my dad got into a fight and my dad sent him home. (although this has never happened, I wouldn't be totally surprised, the two of them both have terrible tempers). I started freaking out trying to figure out what the fight was over and stuff. Then he starts laughing and tells me that he was joking and his loads were cancelled and he went to go work at the farm

4. What is your favorite theme park? I have only been 3 (Silver Dollar City, Celebration City and Six Flags). But desire to want to go depends on what I am in the mood for. If I am feeling like shopping and walking around to enjoy the day, I go to Silver Dollar City. If I am looking for better rollar costers I head to Six Flags. Celebration City wasn't overly exciting the last time that I was there.

5. Have you ever seen someone else give birth? Nope and I doubt that I ever will. I don't want anyone video taping me giving birth (when Chris and I decide to have kiddos) so I won't even watch myself.

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