Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The bright spots in a day

I seriously believe with all my heart that I am in love with the greatest guy. He always can bring a smile to my face no matter what. When I stress about the little things, he is always there to make me laugh.

We have been looking at a monogram or other similar design to place on our invites, programs and anything else that we can find. My maid of honor, Maggie, has been faithfully working on these. She has designed several, all of which I love. She is way more creative about those things than I am.

Apparently, Chris cares more about those little things than I thought that he would. He kept picking things that he didn't like about every single one. He'd say things like "that looks like shit" (please excuse his mouth), "hell no", "that looks like a trampy tattoo" and even at one point fired Maggie. Please know Maggie that I love you and he was joking about his comments.

Well, after about 20 minutes of looking at designs, he finally tells me that he is just going to pick something because I couldn't do it. When I asked why, he just looks at me with this huge smile and says "I have good taste because I picked you. You have bad taste because you picked me"

Isn't he just precious? He threatened me about posting it to facebook, so I agreed. Too bad he didn't think about this. He wouldn't want anyone to know that he has a sweet side to him. I'm just glad to have him in my life. Despite all the other bad things going on, it is great to know that I have something amazing to go home to every night.

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  1. :) Kelly at the Quill is amazing with too!