Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Feeling Really Frustrated

It has now been one full week since we talked to the shop in Michigan who sold us a motor for Chris's truck. Dad offered him one heck of a deal and we were supposed to have all of our parts on Monday. It is now Wednesday and we have nothing. It's just stupid. I don't understand how you can run a company like that.

How can you stay in business?

How do you let someone spend $13,000 on a motor that is supposed to be new, but put used parts in it?

How do you claim to be all Christian and attend prayer meetings and breakfasts every day and then go to work to screw people over?

But dear Steve, you did mess with the wrong people. You will get a big surprise here in a few days. You may be able to jerk normal people around and who you normally deal business with may not be very intelligent and bend to your ways. But not us. You are really lucky that you are several states away and we are too busy to come pay you a personal visit.

I guess we will see what happens the rest of the day. Today will be determination day. You can fix your mistake or we will make sure that you are sorry you messed with us.

Well, enough about the truck. We only spent about 5 hours as a family last night talking about it.

Something else that really bothers me is couples who try to pretend that they are perfect when they aren't. I'm tired of hearing about a "perfect" and "wonderful" husband and dad, when that person is not. I'm not stupid and what you told me just a few days ago is just the opposite of that. Nobody believes the lies so stop talking about it.


  1. love the vent. go get 'em, girl.

  2. That really sucks. I bet he wont stay in business for long with ethics like that!

    I Can't stand it when people act so happy when they aren't too...and I hate reading about how in love they are on their facebook status..haha

    Hope your day gets better!