Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!!!

Well, today is Father's day. Although my father doesn't read my blog (or even know what a blog is), I figured I would write  few words about the wonderful man that I call "daddy"

My dad is the hardest working person that I know. From the time that I was little, he has worked hard with the business that he built. There were many times that he worked 7 days a week for months and even years at a time. He worked from dusk until dark at night. His business was a huge priority to him and he always wanted to make sure that his work committments were taken care of.

My dad was always the go-to person for advice. He had been through a lot in his life and could usually lead you in the right direction with your situation. Granted most of his advice had something to do with the rock quarry, but that was what he knew. Somehow is always just worked.

My dad has always provided for his family. No matter what, we were always taken care of. Even my siblings who are married and gone from the family home are stll under dad's watchful eye and if anyone needs anything, they know they can count on Gary Gabel. He even takes care of people who are his family. If he knows you need something and he can help, he will.

My dad is an animal lover. One of his previous employees actually told us that if he came back in a second life that he wanted to be a pet of the Gabel household since we treat our pets better than most people treat their children. He loves the pets and takes it just as hard as the rest of us when we lose one. He works on their discipline and teaches them tricks and the ways of the world. He spent a lot of time working with Dozer while I was gone away to school. All the pets even go to work with my dad. They are truely parts of the family.

His newest obsession is the cows that he bought a few months ago. Those 20 calves are his "girls" and he spends at least an hour with them each and every night. He has been naming them and can tell you the different personalities of each one.

My dad has always been over protective of me. I was your baby girl. He checked in on me while I was sleeping when I was little, even though I had the greatest guard dog. He calls me every 15 minutes while I am traveling. He worries about me in the bad weather. He worries about me just being 200 miles away at school. He was cautious about every guy I ever dated. He was uneasy about Chris in the beginning, but has now taken Christopher in as a natural member of the family.

My dad has been soooo supportative of my schooling. When I was younger, he told me that he would send me to school for whatever I wanted to do. I was about 6 when I decided that I was going to go to law school and you were right there to support me. You never complain about check that goes to the school and I know that there will not be a man more proud at Mizzou law school graduation in 2011. He is also possibly the only man proud that his daughter is known as a bitch.

My dad has the greatest sayings that he uses on a regular basis. The rest of the family reuses. We joke that when my dad passes away that we will make a book of his little sayings. Here are just a few and trust me there are way more!
- Children learn in 3 ways. By example. By example. And by example.
-Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.
-Adapt and overcome.

My dad doesn't understand while prices are so high on simple groceries like peanut butter.

My dad is always looking for "something sweet to eat"

My dad doesn't understand why I started planning a wedding a year in advance.

My dad is stubborn and stuck in his ways. You try changing him and you will not win.

My dad is the greatest man that I know and I am proud to call him my dad!! I'm also proud to be known as a mini-Gary. Happy father's day!

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  1. Your daddy sounds like mine :) lucky little girls, we are!