Monday, June 14, 2010

Day off Friday = Productive Wedding Planning Day

I took Friday off to handle some errands and meetings for the upcoming wedding. At times it still seems not real. Chris and I have been together for so long and we always talked about getting married "someday", but it was always something in the future that we didn't really know about. We talked about wedding plans little by little, but now it is official and we have our date set. I am so excited!!!

The first thing on the agenda was a meeting with the church. Although Chris and I met with the minister previously, we hadn't been on the full tour of the church and there was a lot of paperwork to turn in. Chris didn't take off work to go. Honestly, he isn't big on the details like this. He would much rather be at work. My mother was off Friday too so she went with me. We spent about 2 hours at the chuch. We learned what rooms we had access to, what furniture we could use and move, and about all the special features that the chuch offers. I am so excited. When we walked from the bridal room into the sanctuary, I cried. The First Baptist Church is beautiful and will make a fantasic backdrop to our special day. We then completed all of the paperwork that we could and turned it in. There is still more to do, but some of the forms aren't ready to be completed since I don't have all the details planned yet. We are getting there though.

Second, we headed over to the WP Daily Quill to look at invitation and program designs. I picked a design that I loved for the invites. I was really picky about them. I didn't want just plan invites. Lucky for me, the quill can make something like I wanted. We will work more with Kelly later. It is a little too soon to be ordering invites. Kelly also showed us a few options for programs. I picked some of those that I liked. Progress is being made and I like it!!!

My mother and I had a fantasic lunch at Prima's. It was nice to just talk to my mother. We then took a few of our leftover yardsale stuff to be donated. I took my leftover work clothes to Ozark Action and all of the other junk went to the Samaritan Outreach. I feel blessed that we can help those less fortunate than us.

After lunch, for our final meeting of the day, we went to WP Floral and Ballonery. I actually picked out most of the flowers for the entire day. The only things left are reception flowers. We can't decide those until we actually decide what design we are doing on the tables. My bouquet makes me very happy. I wanted an all white bouquet and I'm getting it. It will have 20 white roses (the smaller ones) and 12 stephanotis. It will look somewhat like this:

The other flowers being used for things like bridesmaid bouquets, bouts and other decorations are lilies, asters, gerber daisies, wax flowers and babys breath. They are all beautiful flowers and I am so excited.

Currently we are working on decor for the tables at the reception. I think that we are going to do a mix of flowers and candles.

As of now, two bridal shop appointments have been set up for July 17th in Springfield and I cannot wait!!!

I really enjoy getting to mark things of the to-do list and love working on details for our special day!!


  1. Glad that you had a good and productive day planning for your wedding. I remember trying to plan for our wedding (Brandon wasn't into the details as well. My opinion, it's better that way.), go to grad school, work 40 hrs a week, and try to see Brandon/family/friends. That time was sooo crazy!!! Advice: if your schedule is as crazy as mine was (and I believe it is if not crazier), plan early! Get as much done as possible as early as possible. Life for you will be better and less stressful. Can't wait to hear other details! Have fun planning!

  2. Wow! You are on the ball! Kelly was awesome at the Quill, I found invites online, had someone with Photoshop design them, and he recreated them at a great price!

    Plan and do as much as you can now. You will feel so much better in the end! You are doing great! :)

  3. I LOVE the look of an all-white bouquet - it's just so classy!! (Can you tell I'm having one too?)