Friday, June 25, 2010

5 Question Friday

I am so excited that it is Friday. I'm ready to get off work (yes, it hasn't even started yet) and get this weekend started. We have so much to do this weekend and during the week to get ready for all the company and events of next weekend. Well, here it goes.

1. Do you know how to play a musical instrument? You bet. I started on the trumpet and was quite good at it. Then I switched to the french horn and was even better at it. I tried the marching drums for a little bit, but it wasn't for me. Those things are HEAVY

2. What is your pet peeve while driving? I have so many, I don't even know where to begin.
People driving in the "hammer" lane below the speed limit
People pulling out in front of you on the highway and then don't drive the speed limit
People who don't use their blinkers
People who slam on their brakes for no reason
People who will wait til the last minute to get into the turning lane slowing down all other traffic
People who will drive in the farthest lane from where they need to be then cut across 4 lanes of traffic to turn
There are so many more, but basically I hate people and how they drive

3. Would you rather have a housekeeper or unlimited spa services? I would love to have a housekeeper. Granted I probably wouldn't be happy with them because they couldn't do everything exactly how I want it done, but the help around the house would be great. I feel like I have to vacuum evey day due to the crap that Chris brings into the house. Laundry is always piled up. It's so dusty everywhere since we live on a dirt road

4. Is there a song that you hear that will take you back to the moment, like a junior high or high school dance? Any NSync or Bankstreet Boys song takes me back to middle school. Those groups were big and they were played heavily on the radio and during our school dances. I remember dancing at school dances to "God Must have Spent a Little More Time on You"
5. What song best represents your life right now? I'm in the middle of wedding planning. With that, I am always looking back on Chris and I's relationship thinking about conversations we have had and the memories that we have made. We often look back at old pictures. In that, I think that "Then" by Brad Paisley describes that.
But for life in general, "In a Hurry" by Alabama describes the rest of my life. Things are so busy and we have so little time to just sit and relax.
There also should be a fight song thrown in there to represent how I feel about the company who sold us a bad motor.
Hope that the weekend treats you well! If you want to play along, head over to Five Crooked Halos and link up!

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