Wednesday, June 30, 2010

People Never Cease to Amaze Me

Last night around 8:45 p.m. Chris and I were working outside. I was watering our garden and Chris was raking some rock in the driveway that he couldn't get to with the loader.

A truck slowed on the county road near our house and then proceeded to speed off pretty quickly. Next thing Chris new, a little puppy was running through our field after the truck. Once the truck was out of sight, the pup slowed his pace a little bit. Chris called out to it and the pup came right over to him.

I am amazed how a person can do this to a dog. How do you have the nerve to load up your pet into the car and drive out a county road, open the door and push it out? What kind of person are you? Seriously, people probably think that I am nuts because of how much I love my pets, but I couldn't even do that to a pet that I didn't even know.

Needless to say, we gained a new pet. It is a boy and we believe that he is some sort of mix with a bird dog. We took him down to my parents. The pup had no less than 50 ticks all over him which we removed. We fed him and bathed him. He also got to play with the other doggies around my mom's house. Around 10:30, we took him back up to Chris's where the pup crashed on the couch and didn't move until 5:00 this morning. I went up this morning to sit with the pup while Chris showered and got ready for work.

So without further delay, here is the newest member of our little family Boots:

As much as I hate to see animals mistreated and dumped off, I honestly believe that God knows where to have dogs dumped. He knows that we will take them in and give them a good home. The Gabel/Upton bunch loves animals and treat them like natural members of the family. This new pup is no exception. Boots just doesn't know how lucky he got yesterday!


  1. Wow! You guys are so nice! I hate to see dogs dumped too, but it's hard to afford the 2 big ones we have! HA!

  2. How Sad!! How wonderful that you have a new puppy though! He's precious!!