Friday, October 15, 2010

Whew, it is finally Friday.

I cannot even put into words how happy that I am that it is finally Friday. This week has been a hectic week.

In addition to my regular school and work load, I also had a make up class on Tuesday and Thursday. Normally these aren't a problem, but this week, with everything else going on, it was a nightmare. It took up my free hour on each of those days. Then I was on call for Criminal Procedure class on Thursday. That means, I was assigned to speak in class. I was assigned to the prosecution team (which in tihis class usually means the losing team) to discuss the set of problems for that day. So on top of regular reading for that class, I had to prepare my extra work in that class. I seem to be asked to speak a lot more than anyone else in my group. I think part of that is just in the past couple of weeks, he realized how to pronounce my name.

Then we are getting to a busy point in my pre trial litigation class. We have been moving right along in the process. This week and next week, we were suppoesd to conduct two depositions. I had my first last night. It gets complicated when you have to work around 3 schedules. But at least that is done now. It wasn't too bad. Hopefully the one next week goes even better. Then last night once I got home I watched Greys. Yes, despite my busy week, I had to make time for that. I also had to write a will for my estates class. On top of school stuuff, I had to do laundry, pack my bags and load up the car. I always have such a huge list of things to bring back with me.

I got in bed last night a little after midnight. My guess it was at least 12:30 before I feel asleep and then I was up (wide awake on my own) a little before 5. I finished the packing my stuff and loaded the car. The car is fueled, fluids and tires checked. We are ready to go.

I am currently sitting in the Courtroom at the law school waiting for a Symposium to start. It is for dispute resolution. It is the makeup for one of my other classes. Once I leave here, I will head into work. My manager is out of town for the day, so basically that leaves me in charge of my department. We are fortunate that my department is doing so well right now. I hope that nothing too crazy arises becuase I have hopes to leave Columbia by 1 at the latest.

I'm so excited to be going home for the weekend. It has been 3 weeks since I have seen Christopher, my puppies or my family. My brother Chris is in town too. He is looking at houses as he will be moving to WP in a couple of months. We are supposed to have a family dinner tonight. Hopefully my sister will show up and I will get to see my new nephew.

Hope that you all have a great weekend. It is supposed to be beautiful weather in Missouri. We plan to enjoy it!!!


  1. Yaaay for Friday!!! Have a great weekend!!

    PS - I thought I left you a comment the other day, but I must have messed something up - I have two halfsie pit put bulls myself, so your header caught my eye!! Your "daughter" is gooorgeous! :)