Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Weekend Recap

I had a wonderful and busy weekend. I had class Friday morning, then headed straight to work. My boss was off leaving me the leading lady. (I will be this role again this week while my boss is out Thursday and Friday for Mizzou Homecoming). Work has been pretty much caught up. Despite having a huge docket week, we still managed to get everything done. I love the people that I work with and am glad our department works so well together. By noon, we had essentially ran ourselves out of work. We had to leave a little for the people working til 5. So just after noon, I left work. We dropped Maggie's car at my apartment in the garage (it was closer than taking it to her apartment). We loaded up all her stuff (we had such a full car for just a weekend), got koolaide and juice and hit the road. We got food before hitting the highway so we wouldn't have to stop in the next town. Maggie napped part of the trip, but it was a good drive. 63 highway is beautiful this time of year. We listened to the radio, sang along to Glee soundtracks and visited most of the way down there. We stopped in Willow Springs once we reached Howell County. We had stopped to pick up one of the puppies so Chris didn't have to bring both. Boy were the dogs happy to see us. We played outside for a bit. Chris showed Maggie the crushing plants running and Maggie got to hear the rumble of the dump truck motor that I talk about. We ended up with both puppies in my car sharing our two front seats (I believe more and more every day that I need a bigger car).

When we got to my mom's house, no one else was there. We took the opportunity to unload a few things, let the rest of the doggies outside and enjoy the beautiful outdoors. My mom was the first to come back. We started getting a few things ready for dinner. Chris came by when he got off work. My brother and his wife were next to show up. They had been in town for a few days to buy a house (which they did), so we decided we would have a semi-family dinner. My sister came by for a few minutes just to let me see the new baby. She didn't stay for dinner though. Here are a few pictures of the new baby.

After dinner the rest of us sat around and visited. The house my brother bought is actually owned by a relative of Chris's and is just down the road from where he lived when he was younger. It always feels so nice to be home. Maggie and I crashed early. It had been a long, tiring day.

Saturday morning, I was woke up at 3:30 by Dozer who wanted to go outside. Boy was it chilly then. Luckily he was ready to go back to sleep when we got back in. We slept in til about 6:30. I got up fed the pups, took a shower and was ready to start the day. We left the house around 9 and headed to town. Us girls (Maggie, my mom and myself) did a little shopping. My brother then took us to show us the house. It looks really nice. We had lunch with my grandmother. I took my car to a shop to have new speakers put in. Depsite knowing that I will be getting a new car in less than a year, I was not about to suffer through the next year with one busted speaker. It was driving me nuts. After lunch we did a little more shopping. Once we got back to Pomona. Maggie and I were up at my house. Chris's dad, step mom and cousins were there. They had came to pick up our walnuts. That is a job that I will never do. It just isn't worth it for the money that you collect.

About 5 pm, Maggie and I headed back to the house to get ready for our double date. This was the weekend that Chris and I choose to celebrate out anniversary. We were all going out to dinner. One of Chris's cousins had a crush on Maggie and he was delighted when he was asked to join us for dinner. Here are a couple pictures prior to dinner.

We had a wonderful dinner at Colton's (and it made good leftovers for Sunday lunch). After dinner, we just went back to the house to hang out. We watched TV, played with Boots the puppy and visited. It was a nice relaxing evening. Dozer was super happy for me to get back to my mom's house though. He was ready for bed. Luckily Saturday night, he slept til 6:30. We got up and laid around for a bit. I got around, showered, and packed up my stuff. We had a little breakfast and visited with my family. My sister showed for a bit to let me see the baby again. We then headed up to visit with Christopher.

Maggie took a few pictures of Christopher and I for our anniversary.

The kissing shot is my favorite!!! It's my background on my phone and it makes me so happy to see if every day.

We got on the road around 3. Once we got back into town we picked up dinner and headed back to my house to watch a lifetime movie that was recorded on my dvr for a few weeks. Lifetime as been stepping it up on their movies. It was super intense. I definately recommend watching "Raising Ophelia". We did a little homework together and went to bed. We both had to be up early and at work by 7:30 am Monday morning.

It was a great weekend. It is always nice to be at home. Just 9 more months til I can move back for good. I'm so glad that Maggie came too. I feel like she has become such a natural member of my family.

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  1. Sounds like a great weekend...glad you got to see the new baby!