Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Weekend Recap - M-I-Z

Well, the weekend started off pretty rough for me. I had a terrible day at work on Friday. I was totally unhapy most of the day. My manager at work was out and I was left to deal with everything. Normally it isn't a big deal because nothing major happens. Friday was different. I was stuck dealing with employee issues. Not fun at all. Hopefully the issue gets fixed this week. I refuse to spend my next 9 months in Columbia miserable. I have enough stress with school and wedding planning and soon bar prep to be stressing out at work.

Luckily for me, after complaining to Maggie via texts when I got home, she decided to bring dinner over. We had Panera (so yummy, and so bad for you) and watched mostly wedding shows. Friday night TLC is great. We talked for a while too. She is such a good listener! I was happy that she came over. Chris still wasn't feeling too great and he was resting.

Saturday morning, I was up bright and early like usual. I picked up some around the house, started laundry and worked some on outlining. I cannot beleive it is almost November. Not too long before finals start. Yikes!!! Speaking of, I need to email the secretary who handles 2 finals in a day. I'm making myself a reminder in my phone right now. Maggie came to pick me up just after lunch. We headed to the new Marshalls in Columbia. The place was still packed and a lot of the clothes were picked over. Neither of us bought anything. Maybe better luck next time. We then did other shopping, some in preparation for our Halloween customes for Friday. Soooo excited about those. I also got an outfit to wear to a wedding in 2 weeks. I didn't have much winter weather dresses/wedding attire Guess it was finally time to get some. I'm very excited about it. I'll be sure to post pictures after the wedding (That is, if I can get Chris to take pictures that day).

I headed back home early afternoon. I did a little more homework. Then all my attention was focused on the TV. In case you hadn't heard, it was Mizzou's homecoming. It was the best game I have seen in years. It started in the morning. People started flooding the Quad at 3:30. Of course, I stayed at home and watched on EPSN. Mizzou beat the record for the most people at Gameday with 18,000. 

Mizzou won the game too. We beat Oklahoma (the #1 rated team going into the game). It was a fantastic game too. At halftime, we weren't sure how the game was going to end. The stadium was sold out. I didn't go. I decided to stay in my house where it was warm and dry. But I still wore my Mizzou gold. I'm sure my neighbors think I'm crazy too from the amount of noise coming from my apartment. But we won, beating OU for the first time in over a decade. The kids flooded the field and it was a beautiful site.

The goal posts were walked downtown and cut up into pieces. Students were fighting for 1 inch sections of the post. Looking forward to watching the Nebraska game this weekend. Hopefully we can keep up with our undefeated record.

Despite all the excitement, there were two murders in Columbia this weekend. It makes me extremely terrified to leave my house at night. I just don't understand, I guess. One was a robbery with a shooting. The other was a 55 year old homeless man who lived on the side of the interstate. What in the world did that person do to deserve that? Who knows.

Sunday was a pretty lazy day. I got up and immediatly started laundry. I also did some other cleaning and homework. I had lunch with Maggie at Hu Hot! It was amazing. I saw several people from work there. Apparently it was the place to go. After lunch, Maggie, Claudia and I started working on our Halloween costumes for work. We are really pumped about them. I'll make sure to post pictures over the weekend. Friday is dress up day. Good thing my class got cancelled so I don't have to go to class looking crazy.

Hope that you all had a great weekend.

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