Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Weekend Recap

This week is crazy so this post won't be extremely detailed and I doubt that I post much the rest of the week. I have so much going on at school with presentations, papers, mock depositions and make up classes, then on top of that add work. My life is craziness right now. I haven't even been able to look at a wedding website in 3 days (and likely will not until the weekend).

Friday night after work, I headed to a friend's house for dinner. Brynn is a newest girl in my department at work and it was nice to get to know her more. I also met her boyfriend and they are adorable together. We had a great dinner of grilled chicken, salad and bread. I headed home early and crashed. Last week was craziness too.

Saturday, I was up early like always. I never can seem to sleep in. I got my grocery shopping done before 8. I love going to the store when no one else is there. I met up with Maggie around 11. We headed to lunch and then ran a few errands. I finished up buying all of Chris's presents for our upcoming anniversary.

Here is Maggie and I before heading out for the evening.

Saturday evening, I had dinner with Maggie, Brynn and Sara. We went to a cute little place downtown. After dinner we strolled downtown for a bit. There were tons of people out. Most people were headed to and from the bars becuase of the big Mizzou game on TV. Around 7, we headed up to Columbia College to attend a play. We thought we should get there early, but then realized that we were way too early. We played around outside and took tons of pictures. I'll share just a few.

As you can see, we had a lot of time to spare and we made the most of it. It was a lot of fun. The musical was fantastic. It was the story of Gumbo Bottoms. The story was written about the wonderful Missouri. I loved it. We all originally went to see Steve Jones peform. Steve of one of the attorneys at Faber and Brand law firm where I work in Columbia. I saw him in a play once before and he has never let me down. After the play we took a few pictures with him.

I hope that he gets in a few more plays before I leave Columbia next July.

Sunday was a busy day too. Maggie crashed at my house Saturday night. I got up early started landry and dishes. I made breakfast. Maggie and I watched some TV while I did a little homework. We then headed to Joys around 11. We were babysitting the kiddos again. It was a lot of fun but a very tiring afternoon. We went to the park which was a good walk from the house. We played inside for a bit too. Those kids are adorable and they are beginning to get close to Maggie and I. Sophia was so excited that we were coming that she made us presents before we got there. They were little cards to each of us saying that she liked us and was glad that we were coming to play.

After leaving Joys, Maggie and I headed back to my house. We watched a Lifetime movie that I recorded a couple of weeks ago and made homemade pizza. It was delicious. After Maggie left, I finished my homework for the night and went to bed. The weekend had been exhausting.

Now this week is crazy. But I'm just counting down the days til Friday when I get to see Christopher. Hopefully I will also see my new nephew (that is if my sister and her husband decide to let Jansyn come over)

Hope you all have a great week!!!

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  1. Fun weekend! Hope you get to see the new baby~!