Thursday, October 28, 2010


Christopher is rarely very romantic. He has planned a few good surprises and done some pretty amazing things, but those are very rare. He has trouble talking about his feelings and just in general doesn't show emotion very often at all. But there are times that he does or says the cutest things that are romantic in that moment and he never even knows it.

For example, last night we were having a conversation about all the crime currently going on in Columbia. (seriously, I am terrified to leave the house after dark) He reminded me that if anything ever happened to me that he would be up here so fast and with a whole train of people. He said that the person who hurt me better hope that the police caught them first. Now, as terrible as this sounds, I found this to be romantic. It just shows that he loves me and how protective he is of me. He checked with me to make sure that my pistol was loaded beside my bed too.

Yesterday I was dreading going into work (one of these days, I will actually post about what is going on there, it is just such a long story). Before I went into work, I asked him to say something to keep a smile on my face and start work in a good mood. He laughed and said that he couldn't do that on the stop, but all he got was an "I love you". To me, "I love you's" are the greatest. Simple and sweet.

Earlier this week we were talking about rumors going on at work about sexual harrassment and certain people at work who are creepers. He makes little comments like "he better not be looking at your butt" and "he better not be asking you those types of questions" and often offers to come up here to make sure no one is messing with me.

He often does little things too. Like when he goes into the gas station to get a soda or cigs, he will come out with candy or a juice that I like (even when I tell him I didn't want anything) He always just smiles and says I might want it later

He talks a lot of smack about not cleaning, doing laundry or dishes. Yet, somehow, every weekend that I am coming down, the house is all picked up and dusted (not sure that he vacuums) and his laundry all caught up so I don't have to do it.

He always still opens doors for me.

He still tells me goodnight every night.

If I have been at his house, he always walks me to my car.

There are times that he went to buy himself a new gun and came back with one for me.

He reminds me that he still thinks I am beautiful, even on the days that I look like poo.

On days that I am not in a good mood, he reminds me how few months I have left here.

He lets me watch shows when we are together that he would never, ever want to watch.

He compliments my cooking and has even told me certain things I do better than his grandma.

More than one of his co-workers has told me how Chris talks about me at work and actually says nice things to the guys.

Although, not really directed at me, I always smile when I see how well he takes care of the puppies. The boy is going to be a great father.

Ah, I love that boy. Time for class. Tomorrow is dress up day for Halloween at work. There will be tons of pictures.

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  1. I love when he tells me he misses me ;)

    But seriously. Anyone who looks at y'all can tell how much in love with you he is. :) You've got a good one. :)