Friday, July 30, 2010

5 Question Friday

I am so happy that it is Friday. Chris and I have a lot planned for the weekend and I am ready to get started. We were supposed to start painting last night, but due to some issues with my laptop that lead me to being on the phone with Dell customer service for 2 hours, no painting got done. Anyways, I guess that it is time for 5 Question Friday hosted by My Little Life.

1. Did you have a favorite blanket or toy as a kid? If so, do you still have it? I had a bear that my brother gave me (purple bear, as I called it). It was a gift on my first birthday. I took that bear everywhere with me and it even slept with me. He is a little wore out now and is missing some attachments, but I still have him. Just now, he is in my keepsake box and not sleeping in my bed

2. Do you dream in color? Most of the dreams that I remember are in color

3. How tall are you? Do you wish you were shorter or taller? I am about 5'3" and I don't realyl wish that I was taller. I like my height. It goes well with Chris's and I don't look like a freak when I wear high heels

4. If you could have anyone's (celeb or other) voice as the guide on your GPS, who would it be? We were actually talking about this yesterday afternoon at work. Apparently you can buy anything. There is the nightrider voice and you can even buy a south park character that cusses at you. I don't know whose voice I would like to hear. Having Chris's voice would be "homey", but then again I would like Matthew McConaughey too

5. Do you return your shopping cart to the corral or leave it wherever in the parking lot? I always take it back to corral even in the pouring rain. I hate people who never return the carts, especially when the corral is just a few feet away.

Hope that you have a great Friday and weekend!


  1. I'm one of the freaks in heels. Except that I don't wear them - but if I did...

    I think I might be the only person left in the world who doesn't have GPS!

  2. I'm a new follower from 5 Question Friday! What a great blog! I can't wait to come back!

    Lucy's Human

  3. This is my first time on Fridays questions, and am enjoying reading about all my new friends. I am a new follower and would love for you to come to my blog each week for some fun and contest that are all coming up. I will come back and check on you each friday to learn more about you. Kath' at