Monday, July 12, 2010

Weekend Recap

After the crazy weekend a week ago, we decided that this weekend should be a little more low key. We tried to relax and just enjoy some time together.

Friday night when we got off work, we headed to town. Chris was picking up a gun from his grandpa. He wanted to have a spare for Saturday. We sat to visit his grandpa for quite a while. Then Boots and I got pretty hungry so we headed back to Pomona. We got takeout and had dinner at the house. After a busy week, it was nice not to have to cook. After dinner we headed out into the field to practice some shooting. Satisfied with our accuracy, we hit the sack early. We had a big day ahead of us Saturday.

Saturday morning, we got up early and headed north on the highway. We were taking our conceal and carry class. Besides getting a little warm after lunch, it was a pretty good day. And I think that the temperatures could have been warmer, so I guess in a sense, we did luck out. It is July after all. The morning half of the class was review of the laws of Missouri and basic justifications for being able to use deadly force. Having been in law school and previously sat through torts and criminal law, I was ahead of the class. But I sat patiently while watching June bugs fly all around us. We also learned about the proper stance for shooting and how to draw the pistol from the holster. Growing up in the country through, I had been shooting guns for quite a while, so again most of this was a review for me. We practiced drawing the gun and dry firing.

But this time, it is about noon and starting to get hot. We had lunch from Subway and sat in the shade of trees to visit and cool down some. After lunch was the fun part. We shot several practice rounds at cardboard cut out made to look like people. The class was split into two sections, so we did have to take breaks to switch out. We went a couple of rounds shooting for practice. Then it was time for the actual test. In Missouri, for the test, you have to shoot 20 rounds at a b-27 target (just a giant paper target with a orange person on it). In order to pass, you have to get 15 out of 20 rounds on the orange man. Everyone in our class passed. I was really pleased with as well as I did. There were many guys there that I out-shot. I even outshot Christopher. Mine 20 pattern was tighter (closer together) than his. But he did very well too and he was shooting with a gun that he had only shot 2 other times. I wish that I could have taken pictures of me taking the test or even my paper afterwards, but I didn't think that would look very well.

I did have several people jealous of my pistol though. My pistol is what Chris bought me for my 21st birthday. I think that I might have been the only 21 year old that was way more concerned with getting a pistol for my 21st birthday than buying alcohol. This is what Christopher bought me:

It is a Taurus .38 special with pink pearl grips. It is beautiful and has the power to protect me. No pansy guns for me. I sleep with it on my nightstand when I am in Columbia. It is usually stocked with hollow point shells. Just beware if you come into my house.

After the class, we were wore out. We went to town to trade another gun. We came back and had dinner with my parents. Chris and I crashed on the couch while watching TV. I woke up around 10 p.m. and took Dozer back to my mom's house for us to go to bed.

Sunday, we were lazy. We did some cleaning around the house. I organized some papers that were long overdue for organizing. I also balanced our two checkbooks. The puppies were more active than Chris and I. They wrestled and play all day long. We barbequed pork chops for dinner and they were yummy. We finally got some much needed rain too. It was a wonderful thing. The radio this morning stated that we got 1.9 inches of rain. Let's just hope now it doesn't wait another 6 weeks to rain again.

All in all, it was a pretty low key weekend. I'm glad Chris and I both passed our CCW and we got to relax some. Now on to a busy week!


  1. What a gun! I love to shoot guns, it's fun! :)

  2. LoveloveLOVE the pistol. I've been asking for one.