Thursday, July 8, 2010

4th of July Weekend - Part Two - Sunday through Tuesday

Now for the rest of the festivies of the 4th of July weekend.

Sunday, I was up pretty early like always. Dozer doesn't know how to sleep in for the mornings. But it was good. I had lots to do to get ready. Maggie and I finsihed getting all of our food ready. We packed meatballs and made a sauce for them, made pasta salad, made strawberry jello cake with coolwhip frosting and fresh strawberries and made fruity pebble treats for the kiddos. Chris's mom and little brother stopped by the house on her way into town. Tyler wanted to see us and the puppies. That boy needs a dog. I think Chris and I might get him one for his upcoming birthday.

We headed out to Chris's aunt and uncle's house around noon. We had pizza for lunch. Then Cheryl unloaded some antiques out of her car and had a mini yard sale for the family. Chris and I got a few neat items for our house and I'm pretty excited about it. Chris, bless his heart, even talked his own mother down on some of her prices. Maggie even got a few items.

Maggie and I played with the kiddos most of the afternoon. The rest of the family was not set to arrive until 4ish. Maggie took up with Chris's niece Sadie. By the end of the night, Sadie was telling everyone that Maggie was her best budy.

I don't know how anyone could not love that little girl. She is so full of life. While Maggie was playing with miss Sadie. I was in the yard playing ball with the other kiddos.

After some more of the family showed up, us bigger kiddos played a game of softball ourselves. We only played 4 innings, but with 6ish people on a team, it gets very tiring. We were true rednecks through as we played with bases made from pizza boxes, the guys were wearing boots and the gals were all in flip flops. It was a lot of fun, but very exhausting. Plus my feet got dirty and hurt so bad when we were done. Cute flip flops with no cushion are not the proper shoes for a game of softball.

After our game, we had dinner. Boy was it good. It was family pot luck. I was lucky enough to date into a family of good cooks. We then cleaned up the food. We sat around and talked then for hours. Mike and Doug got out the guitars and we got a little show of some gospel music. I'm not a singer, so I didn't participate in that. Most of us just sat around visiting. We also put on a small fireworks show for the little ones. It wasn't much, but it made the kids happy. Chris's cousin Jackie and her husband Jason are usually the ones who organize the fireworks, are in Puerto Rico. About 10:30 we headed out. But we weren't along. About 10 members of Chris's family (mostly cousins) all came up to our house for a game of poker. I'm not so great at it, so I didn't play. Instead Maggie and I watched wedding shows that had recorded onthe DVR earlier that night. Maggie and I left before everyone else did. We had to be up early Monday morning.

Monday was a holiday too for all in our family. No one was working, so we decided to make the most of the day. I was up by 7 (which to me was sleeping in). We got all packed and all the family met at my mom's house. We headed to Eminence. First stop was Alley Springs. We walked around the spring and had a picnic lunch. Here are a few pictures from there.

After leaving Alley Springs, we headed to the other side of Eminence, arriving at Two Rivers Canoe Rental. We loaded into the vans to go up the river. We had a great float. It was a little longer than I expected, but with all the kids, we had to take many stops. And I got cold towards the end of it. I didn't get any pictures during the floating as I didn't want to get my good camera wet. My cousin Mandy had bought a waterproof disposable camera, so luckily we got pictures there. We got off the river around 5. Ronnie and his kids and JR and his kids left for home from the river. The rest of us headed back to my mom's for dinner.

Tuesday I had to go to work while the rest of the family toured the rock quarry and went to Mammoth Springs. I met up with all of them in the evening at my mom's house for dinner. Chris and I actually spent most of the evening in the shop trying to fix the window on my car, which is currently stuck down and will not roll up. Just my luck. We had a great dinner and said our good byes. It was nice to see all of the family, but I wasn't extremely sad to see some leave. That many people in one house all together is a bit much for 5 days. Next time I will see some of these family members will be when Chris and I tie the knot.

Hopefully the 4th weekend was good to you as well. Now tomorrow starts another weekend and I can't wait. We are hoping to have a calm and relaxing weekend.

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