Monday, August 30, 2010

Weekend Recap

It was my second full weekend in Columbia and it was a great weekend. At least this early in the semester, I can spend part of the weekends relaxing and hanging out with friends.

Friday night, Sara came over for dinner. We typically get together on Thursdays but Greys isn't back on yet and we were both swamped with homework on Thursday night. We pushed our get together til Friday. I made homemade fried catfish. It was delicious. I had never made it before, but it was sooo yummy. I will definately be doing that again. We paired it with cubed potatoes with melted butter and spices (one of my favorites), green beans and rolls. It was a great dinner. We watched a Lifetime movied I had on my DVR from earlier in the week, "Bond of Silence". It was such a good movie. I even convinced Chris to watch it Sunday night and he liked it too. We also watched some other TV after the movie. We made fresh and homemade rice krispie treats. They were perfect. It was a good night. I crashed around 10:30. I feel like such an old lady.

Saturday was a wonderful day. I got up early to do a little shopping and studying. No luck on shopping in Columbia but got a little studying done before having to get ready for our girls day. Aroung 11:30, Sara, Claudia, Maggie and I headed to Rocheport. Rocheport is a small little town just west of Columbia. It is such an adorable town with great little shops. We had lunch at the winery. This winery is beautiful and it sits overlooking the Missouri River. Steve (one of the attorneys that I work for up here) and his wife Tracy met us for lunch. We had a great time. After lunch, we took a few pictures outside. Here are just a few

View from the winery

The whole lunch group

Us girls with the winery in the background

After lunch, we spent the afternoon hitting up the antique shops and other businesses in town. We stopped by for homemade ice cream at the General Store. We stopped by Steve and Tracy's on our way out of town. They have an adorable house that is 150 years old and have 2 super cute puppies. It was a great day but we were all exhausted by 5:30 when we go back home to Columbia. I watched a little TV, ate a little dinner and hit the sack early.

I got homesick when I had to miss my grandmother's birthday. Her is a picture of my two grandmothers. Noma is on the right and Opal is on the left. (We lost my grandmother Opal in July 2009)

My grandmother, Noma, turned 88 on Saturday. My mom planned her a big birthday party. Two of my brothers and their families were there. Chris went to represent our portion of the family. I hear that it was a great time. Grandma cried becuase she never had anything like that for her birthday. She is a special lady and I wish that I could have been there. I hate when school gets in the way of my family obligations. I know they all understand that I am doing what I need to do, but it still doesn't make it easier to miss those things. It does make me happier that Chris went. I love that he had gotten so close to my family that he goes to family functions when I cannot be there. Gosh, I love that boy!!!

Sunday was a homebody day. I stayed in all day. I did laundry, dishes, cleaning and studying. I got lots done and even had time for a little nap. It was nice to just stay in. I was in bum clothes all day and just stayed at the house. I only wish that I could have got the ambition to go outside to go for a run. Oh well.

It was a great weekend. Next weekend is Labor Day weekend and I am sooooooo looking forward to going home to see Christopher, my puppies and the rest of our families.

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