Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Is is possible that we are finally here?

I just signed up for my 3L composite photo. AHH!!! This photo is taken of each 3L in thier suit attire that is framed in the law school and used for other purposes for the law school. You can also buy extra copies of it as well. (not that I intend to, who needs a waist up picture of themself in suit attire, not this lady)

But it is starting to seem more real that this is my last year of school ever. Sure I will have continuing eduation (CLEs) and such but this is it. In just a few short months I will no longer walk around Mizzou's campus, I will no longer have to lug around huge law books and my computer, I will not spend my evenings studying (well, not every evening), I will be able to enjoy my life and get used to a schedule that I love.

Well, that is all that I have to share right now. It just seems crazy that over 5 years ago I started on this journey at school and graduation was such a far away dream and now it is here.

Hope your Wednesday is going fantastically.

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