Thursday, September 2, 2010

Can we say ready for the weekend?

I am soooo ready for it to be Friday. I have been counting down til tomorrow since two weeks ago.

Tomorrow I get out of class at 9:15, I will go into work til about 12 - 1 (ish, depending on the work load). Though, I might not be able to sit still during work because I will be so anxious to get on the road. Then a 3 hour trip down the beautiful 63 highway to Howell County.

I'm so glad that it is a long weekend. There are quite a few things that I want to get done this weekend. Here are just a few
 ~ First and foremost, spend some quality time with Christopher
 ~ Play with my puppies that I have missed so much
 ~ Sit on the deck and enjoy the beautiful weather
 ~ Get a hair cut (I never tried to find a new hair stylist in Columbia)
 ~ Visit with Chris's mom, step-dad and brother (they are coming into town too)
 ~ Visit Jeannett (one of my bridesmaids)
 ~ Paint some trim
 ~ Discuss some wedding stuff with my mom
 ~ Have lunch with my grandma since I missed her birthday last weekend

Geez, I hope that I have time for all that plus anything else that comes up. I've just missed being home these past two weeks and I'm anxious for the return!!! Only 11 months to go til I move home for good!

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