Thursday, September 30, 2010

First CLE

Today I had my first experience with a CLE. For those of you that don't know. CLEs are continuing legal education. Every year, attorneys are required to attend so many credit hours. I had to attend it today for a class. As a law student, you do not have to pay to attend these conferences (which was really great becuase they are soooo expensive). My pre-trial litigation professor thought that it would be beneficial for our class to attend a session. The session that I attended was the "Do's and Don'ts of Trial Practice"

This was a pointless hour of my life. There was a panel of 6 judges from all over the state that gave their opinions about what they expect out of attorneys in front of them and also fielded questions from the crowd. Although I thought they were common sense, here is what I "learned" from my CLE today.

1. Always come to Court prepared
2. Always be respectful to the Judge
3. Always be civil to opposing counsel
4. Always dress professionally
5. Always be nice to the Court clerks

Seriously, I sat drove across town and sat for an hour to learn that?

It was lame. But I got an awesome nametag that says Missouri Bar and my name. It makes me really happy!!

Well, it is time to go pack for my weekend in Versailles.

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