Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Good News!!!!

Before I share the good news, I should probably give a little background information since I wasn't blogging at the time the whole thing started.

Late summer of 2009, Chris's mother found a lump in her chest. After doing several tests and a biopsy, it was discovered to be cancer. In October of last year, she underwent surgery to remove the tumor. The doctor was confident that he removed all of it and was sure that since he had caught it early that she would fully recover. Her tumor was sent to California for another test and it was revealed that her breast cancer was only 7% likely to come back. She underwent a couple months of radiation and had been on a chemo pill since her surgery.

About a month ago, Cheryl started having some major pains in her abdomen. Turns out that one of the side effects to her chemo pill is ovarian cancer. (I'm sure that you are thinking why does an pill to prevent one type of cancer cause another. I had the same thought and still do not know the answer to that) The doctor initially ran a few tests but could determine the cause of the pain but immediatly took her off the medication. She had to undergo another biopsy.

Well, tests results are back now and everything is CLEAR. No cancer!!! Everyone is so excited. So, hope that you all have a happy Tuesday too!!!!

I love you Cheryl and I look forward to seeing in about a week and a half for the annual Apple Festival!!!