Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Weekend Home

This past weekend was a wonderful weekend for me. I love going home to see my family.

Friday night when I got into town, I sat around with my mother to visit for a bit. The boys had been working at the hosue all day making a corral for the cows. We as a family fed the cows that night and had dinner together. After dinner, we just sat around and talked. The pups all played.

Saturday morning, I was up bright and early with Dozer. He thought I needed up at 5:30. We played for a little while before anyone else was up. My mom and I headed into town. We did a little shopping and had lunch with my grandma and nephew. We picked up lunch for the boys and came home. I spent the afternoon cleaning and working around the house. Chris was working outside. We had a nice dinner with my parents, then headed back to our own house for a movie night. It was pretty relaxing.

Sunday was a chilly day. We spent the morning inside. The pups played all morning. They wrestled inside and outside. Here are a few pictures of my favorite pups.

It is hard to believe that Dozer is actually the older brother. They enjoy playing but sometimes they get a little serious. Both pups are very jealous and want all the attention and all the toys. I actually got caught in the middle of a fight Sunday morning. Dozer, despite being small, got ahold of my arm and wouldn't let go. Today, my arm is still purple and swollen. Guess I learned my lesson to leave that to Christopher.

I got on the road around 2:30ish. I stopped at three Wal-Mart stores along the way looking for special candle holders for the wedding. We found some that both Chris and I liked so I wanted to try to get them all now before Wal-Mart stopped carrying them. So, after stopping at 3 stores, I purchased 76 candles. We only needed 75, but we wanted to get a few extra in case one breaks. So I still need to pick up a few more. But there are two more Wal-Marts in Columbia and this weekend, I will be by at least 2 more.

When I got to Columbia I picked up dinner and Maggie came over. It was a nice way to end the weekend.

Now I am just ready for this week to be over and get on with the next weekend.

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