Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dozer getting attacked!!!!

Last night was a pretty rough night for Dozer. He was attacked by a dog about 10 times his size. He made out with only a few little scratches, but needless to say I was one unhappy momma. Dozer is doing fine now and was actually back up and playing within 30 minutes after the incident. Here is a picture of the little guy. He's got one mark about 1/2 inch on his lip that you can clearly see in the picture and then he has one other small puncture just to the right of his eye from a tooth.

I am still a little frustrated about the situation, so I need to vent a little bit.

First off, the dog that attacked my little guy was not a stray dog that walked into our yard or a neighbor's dog. The large dog that attacked Dozer was one belonging to Chris's dad.

Chris's dad came over to visit for a bit last night and without telling us in advance brought along their dog (Frost). While Dozer was just walking around on the deck, Frost jumps up and grabs him. No reason whatsoever. I start yelling/screaming and grab Dozer (who is crying and shaking) and run into the house (where I continue to scream and now I am crying) I was so worried that he was hurt worse than he was. Frost is sooooo much larger than Dozer and had the attack lasted longer than 2 seconds, Dozer might not have survived.

Chris and I stayed in the house for a few minutes cleaning his wound and putting some ointment on it to help seal it (not that it helped, he just licked it off). Probably 5 minutes later, Chris's dad and step mom decided to come in to see how the little guy was doing. I am at a point where I am still crying and not feeling like talking to anyone. I just sit on the couch cuddled up with my pup who is still shaking.

I understand that things can happen, but the thing that made me the most frustrated is that Chris's step-mom just sits there and goes "Well, Frost is just like that". Um, HELLO, if you know your dog is aggressive towards other animals/dogs, then don't bring her to another person's house where there are dogs (or in our case, 2 puppies). People seriously never cease to amaze me.

Needless to say, Chris has told his dad to never bring Frost to our house again.

This morning, Dozer is doing just fine. He has been up playing with the other animals. I spoiled him with extra attention last night and this morning. We are going to call the vet this morning to see if there is anything that we need to do, but I think everything is just fine. One of the best parts was that after the attack, Boots was on the defensive. Despite himself being about 1/4 Frost's size, Boots was still ready to get her back for hurting his little brother.

Ah, I feel better now.


  1. Poor baby! Glad he's doing alright.

  2. aw belss his heart! I would be so upset!! Glad he told his dad not to bring the dog back! Hope everything is better soon!