Thursday, August 5, 2010

Adventures in Dog/House Sitting

Beginning last Thurday night, I was dog/house sitting for my boss. He and his family headed to Oregon for a wedding  (yes, traveling from Missouri to Oregon for a wedding, crazy, I know). My boss had asked me a couple of weeks ago. I was nervous about staying there. His house is huge!!!!! Being so big makes it creepy. I definately slept with my loaded pistol next to the bed. I didn't sleep well and am so glad to be home now.

Please meet Sam

He is a mini yorkie and full of spunk. He loves to run and play.

But being there made me really sad. Now, I will preface by saying that I Sam is very well take care of and I know the entire family loves him and plays with him, but it makes me really sad how much he is in his kennel.

The little guy in is this all day and has to sleep in it at night. So, he is only out of it like 5-6 hours a day (well, depending on what time they go to bed).

This litterally breaks my heart and I don't think that I could ever force any of my pups into that. I know and understand that not everyone can be like us and the dogs go to work with their owners, but I would want my dogs to have space during the day. Yes, Boots and Dozer occassionaly chew on things when we aren't home and we are constantly puppy-proofing the house before we leave to go anywhere, but I would rather let them roam the house.

Our dogs even sleep in the beds with us. Most people find this crazy, but its not a bother to us. We just joke now that we will have to have a California King bed to fit us two, Kit Kat, Dozer and Boots.

It has been nice the past two nights to be back home every night with Chris and the pups. I missed sleeping with Dozer. It was good for him though since I will be leaving him in a couple of weeks to go back to school.

I'll post later about the wedding planning I got done yesterday.

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  1. I can't imagine kenneling a dog that much. I can't have animals in bed with me (silly allergies), but I'll always let my dogs out and about. Which is reason #1 why I won't have a dog until I have a house either :p