Friday, August 6, 2010

5 Question Friday

Well, it is Friday again. Thank goodness. Even with having a day off this week, I was ready for Friday to get here. There is so much that I still want to do before I leave town in two weeks and it is hard to get some of it done in the evenings after Chris and I get off work. But before I get started on the work day, here is 5 Question Friday hosted by My Little Life.

1. Are you a neat sleeper or a messy sleeper? Depends on the night. Most of the time, I am a pretty neat sleeper, but then there are mornings when the blankets are all messed up and I'm not even laying straight in the bed

2. Fill in the blank. I wish I was more ________________. of a gardner. My sister got me potted plants for my birthday and my uncle did some landscaping at our house and the flowers are all now dead. I see people all the time with beautiful flowers all around their house, and I love it and with I could have it, but I just cannot seem to keep all my flowers alive. I think it is the heat (and maybe Chris lies when he tells me he waters them)

3. What is something that you wish you had been warned about? How fattening bread was before I loved eating it so much I have to have it at practically every meal

4. What was the best thing you ever found at a garage sale/flea market? Oh goodness, I go to flea markets all the time. I wouldn't even know where to begin to tell you the best thing that I have got. I love my little red bench, Chris's old Ford tools, old barrel  and the list goes on and on

5. If you could have any meal brought to you right now, what would it be? Biscuits and gravy with a side of bacon, yum!!!!
Hope you have a great Friday and an even better weekend! Don't forget to head over to My Little Life to play along for 5 question friday!


  1. I'm with you on the biscuits and gravy and bacon!!!

  2. You can really tell the people who wrote their answers in the morning and the ones who did it last night! :)

    Sounds like you've found some awesome stuff at flea markets! I am dying to go to one!

  3. I wish I was more of a gardner too... I try really hard, but for some reason I can't keep things alive!

  4. New follower from 5QF...
    I'm really enojying your blog and can't wait to read more...
    Also, I love the gun your fiance bought you, I want a .380 for myself! Hopefully my husband will surprise me with one someday. :)

  5. There's nothing like fresh bed with a meal. Yum!

  6. I love beautiful flowers, and always have the best intentions when I plant them, and then something always goes wrong. I forget to water them, fertilize them or the puppy eats them! It's no good!

    Lucy's Human