Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekend Recap

This past weekend was a wonderful weekend. With finals starting in a week, it wasn't very productive school wise. But on the house front, it was vrey productive. It was nice to have a little break before the nightmare that is law school finals begins.

Friday morning, I woke up to storms and wasn't happy about traveling in the rain. I went to class and when I got out around 10:45, the rain had basically stopped. I lucked out to have a dry drive down. I arrived in Willow Springs around 2:00. I had to unload some tools I had previously picked up for the quarry. I also got to see Christopher which is always a plus. When I left there, I headed to my mom's house. I unloaded my bags and then mom, Dozer and I headed up to my house to work on a few things. The house is such a mess on the inside. Chris hadn't been staying there, even though his stuff was there. Everything in there had a nice layer of dust on it. We started doing some cleaning in the kitchen and downstairs bath.

When Chris got off work, he stopped by my moms to shower and clean up before taking me out to dinner. My birthday is Friday and becuase I wouldn't be going home for my birthday, Chris took me out to dinner this weekend to celebrate.

Chris and I before dinner.

We went to Colton's and it was yummy. After dinner, it was raining pretty bad. We went back to the house and got back to work. We didn't get a whole lot accomplished, but talked a lot about out plans for what to do in the house. Chris stayed in the new house for the first night on Friday. I didn't stay there. We aren't staying together overnight until we are married, so it will be a while before I stay there.

Saturday we took Dozer on his first roadtrip. We didn't go far, just to Gainesville, but to him it was still an adventure. We had to go to Gainesville to pick up our washer, dryer and stand up deep freezer. It poured on us the entire way back which was no fun. When we got back into West Plains, we met Chris's dad at Sears to pick up our stove. We got pizza for lunch and headed back to get to work. We cleaned and arranged furniture the rest of the afternon. We did have to make one trip to Hirsch to pick up a new weedeater for my dad. He was super impressed with Chris's weedeater and saw blade attachment. Dad decided he needed one just like it. He had a good one (Stihl, of course), but Chris's is professional grade.

Saturday, my wonderful mother hosted a birthday barbeque for me. My grandmother, sister and her two little boys all came up. We had steak, baked potatoes, mac and cheese, pasta salad and rolls. Everything as delicious. Dessert was my favorite though. Grandma made me a banana cream pie and mom made me a layered chocolate cake. It was all amazing.

I forgot to take pictures before we dug in.

Yes, I ate this much of my pie.

After dinner, I played dominos with Kolton and relaxed.

Sunday morning, Dozer and I work Chris up, bright and early. We had lots to do before I left. We did some more cleaning and oraganizing stuff in the house. Christopher moved several tools to the master bedroom closet until the shop gets closed in.

Every girl's dream

We got the bathrooms set up so they were both functional. I have unpacked several things in the kitchen. Not everything got done though since the countertops weren't installed yet (this is actually happening today). I didn't want to put things in the drawers/base cabinets only to get covered in dust too. We got the bed upstairs where I wanted it. There are a few boxes up there to unpack, but that will have to wait until I come home. We also went to the store to get a few necessities for Chris for the next few weeks. We didn't even have shower curtains.

Here are a few updated pictures of the upstairs bath

Dozer was a little hard to handle Sunday morning. He cried if we left the room he was in. He would jump off the bed to follow me everwhere, even if I went downstairs just to get something. Chris or I had to sit with him most of the time which slowed down some of the progress. I took a picure of Dozer and I while Chris was moving his tools.

Dozer had a big day playing at the house too. He even met a cow. At first, he got his attitude with the cow and was growling and barking. I think he then realized the cow was way bigger than him and ran for the comfort of me. He crashed when I got back to my moms to load up my car.

I left town around three. Chris's grandmother rode with me to Jefferson City. She was going to say with Chris's mom for a week. I met Cheryl and Tyler there to drop off granny.

Hope that you all had a wonderful weekend too. I have more pcitures of the house that I will post on later. I guess I didn't get them all put onto my computer before leaving for school like I thought.

Now, back to the books.

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  1. House looks great. I like the bathroom, yay for a big tub. I'm jealous!! I can't wait to see your cabinets and countertop!